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Vocabulary from Unit 3 of Introduction to Attic Greek

ἄγγελος, ἀγγέλου

m. messenger, herald

ἄνεμος, ἀνέμου

m. wind

ἄνθρωποσ, ἀνθρώπου

m. human being, man

βίος, βίου

m. life

ἥλιος, ἡλίου

m. sun

θάνατος, θανάτου

m. death

θεός, θεοῦ

m. god

ἵππος, ἵππου

m. horse

λόγος, λόγου

m. word, speech, tale, story; reckoning, account, proportion; reason, rationality

νόμος, νόμου

m. custom; law

πόλεμος, πολέμου

m. war

νόσος, νόσου

f. sickness, disease

ὁδός, ὁδοῦ

f. road, path, way; journey

ψῆφος, ψήφου

f. small stone, pebble; vote

βιβλίον, βιβλίου

n. book

δῶρον, δώρου

n. gift

ἔργον, ἔργου

n. work, action, deed

μέτρον, μέτρου

n. measure, size, distance; moderate amount, proportion

παιδίον, παιδίου

n. child

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