Health promotion and wellness (healthy people 2010- healthy people 2020)


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what is healthy people ?
a program designed to measure progress over time, defines a series of objectives to bring better health to all people in the US, promotes health while preventing illness, disability and premature death
what are the challenges for healthy people?
ensure rate of advancement in med terminology, health care, and prevention efforts, ensure everyone benefits from the advancements regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc
design of healthy people?
467 objectives
28 focus areas
10 leading health indicators
goals of healthy people 2010?
-increased quality and years of healthy life
-eliminate health disparities
what are the determinants of health?
the framework incorporates elements of the ecological model and also includes policy and health care factors
what was wrong with healthy people 2010?
achieved only 1 goal out of 467
what is healthy people 2020 designed to do? *
increase quality and years of life eliminate health disparities
health of each individual state and community determines?
the overall health of the nation
what three things make up the ecological model?
which of three things in the ecological model is not changeable?
what are the main determinants of health?
range of personal, social, economic, and environmental factors
what are social determinants?
-availability of resources to meet needs
-social norms/discrimination
-exposure of violence& crime
-exposure to mass medial/ cell phones
-concentrated poverty (socioeconomic conditions)/residential segragation
-public safety, quality of school
what are physical determinants?
- work,school,rec setting
- housing
- exposure to toxins
-physical barriers
-good lighting, trees, benches
example of policy making effects?
increasing tax on tobacco means less people will use
what is a policy that works over time?
highway safety act of 1966
what are barriers to accessing health services?
-lack of availability
-high cost
-lack of insurance coverage
-limited language access
what are individual behavior determinants?
physical activity
alcohol,smoking, drugs
hand washing
what causes adolescents to make poor decisions in the spur of the moment?
optimistic bias
what are examples of biological and genetic social determinants of health?
HIV stat
inherited conditions
gene that carries cancer
family history
what does the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene associate with?
breast and ovarian cancer
what are goals of healthy people 2010?
increased quality and years of life
eliminate health disparities
men are 2x and 4x more likely than women to?
die from unintentional injuries and 4x higher risk of death from fire arms
hispanics death from diabetes?
2x more than normal
hispanics have a higher occurence of?
tb, hypertension, obesity
relation of income and education to poverty?
low income/ education= higher poverty
why do rates of disabilities in young increase?
lack of health services
what is the percent of death from injuries on rural areas ?
what do rural areas experience higher rates of?
heart disease, cancer and diabetes
lack of timely access to emergency service
homosexuals males have a higher rate of ?
HIV, STD, substance abuse, depression and suicide
homosexual women have a higher rate of?
cmoking, overweight, alcohol abuse and stress
definition of behaviors?
individuals response or reaction to internal stimuli and external conditions
what has a reciprocal relationship to biology?
definition of social environment?
includes interactions with family, friends, coworkers and others in the community as well as institutions
definition of physical environment?
that which can be seen touched, heard, smelled and tasted
physical environment also can contain intangible elements such as?
radiation, noise
what tangible elements does physical environment include?
toxic substances, infetcious agents and physical hazards
policies and interventions
health promotion campaigns, safety policies, disease prevention services. They can be implemented by a wide variety of agencies in both public and private sectors
how many sets of leading health indicators? *
10 *
physical activity
regular activity throughout life to be healthy and prevent early death
overweight and obesity
higher body weight associated with higher death rate which is preventable
tobacco use *
smoking is the single most preventable cause of diseases and death in the US
1yr of no smoking = 14 years of life
substance abuse
associated with violence, injury and HIV infection
responsible sexual behavior
uintended preg & STD including HIV result from unprotected sex
metal health
20% of this nations pop is affected by mental illness during a given year
injury and violence
400 people die each day from injuries to motor vehicle crashes, firearms, poisonings, suffocation, falls, fires and drowning
environmental quality
25% of preventable illness worldwide can be attributed to poor environmental quality
can prevent death from infectious disease
access to health care
having insurance, a higher income level, regular primary care
what is the healthy people of 2020 vision?
a society on which all people live long and healthy
what is the healthy people of 2020 mission?*
-identify nationwide health improvement priorities*
-increase public awareness
-provide measurable objectives and goals*
-engage multiple sectors to take action to strengthen policies
-identify critical research
what are healthy people of 2020 goals to reaffirm ?
-increased quality and years of healthy life
-eliminate health disparities
what are healthy people of 2020 goals to evaluate?
-promote quality of life, healthy development, and healthy behaviors across life stages
-create social and physical environments that promote good health
life expectancy
a mortality measure used to describe overall health of a population in a certain age

at birth, at age 65
health life expectancy
snapshot of current death and illness patterns. allows for easy comparisons across pop over a long period of time

3 measures
1. years of life in good/bad health
2. years of life free of limitation of activity
3. years of life of selected chronic disease
years of potential life lost (YPLL)
a summary of premature mortality , years not lived by people who die before getting to a certain age
what is the largest ypll?
cancer for both male and female
the second leading cause of ypll?
motor vehicle accidents for both sexes
what happens with physically unhealthy days with age?

18-24 report 2.1 physically unhealthy days
75 and older report 6.0
what happens with mentally unhealthy days with age?

18-24= 4.0
75 and older= 2.0
self assessed health status varies by age
26.8 % of individuals age 65 and older report fair or poor health
limitation of activity*
long-term reduction in a person's ability to do his or her usual activity
-activities of daily living (bathing, showering, dressing)
what is the leading cause of death and disability in the US?
chronic disease 7 out of 10 deaths/year
heart disease , cancer and stroke account for?
50 percent of all deaths each year
what are the 6 most common chronic illnesses?
1. cardiovascular disease
2. arthritis
3. diabetes
4. asthma
5. cancer
6. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
what does health disparities mean?
a particular type of health difference that is closely linked with social, economic, and/or environmental disadvantage
what is health equity?
the attainment of the highest level of health for all people
-valueing everyone equally with focussed and ongoing societal efforts to address avoidable inequalities
what is the freedom information act?
the fed state allows individuals to request access to fed agency records, except to the extent records are claimed as exempt from disclosure under one or more of the 9 exemptions
what is the behavioral risk factor surveillance system?
the nations premier system of health- related telephone surveys that collect data from res about health, health condition, use of preventitive services
how many interviews are conducted each year by brfss?
400,000 making it the largest continuously conducted health survey system in the world