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Sentences using words with the prefixes meaning 5 through 10


The babysitter found it confusing to remember the five ____ names.


The teacher drew a star-shaped _____ on all the papers with perfect scores.


The store's sign was a _____ with each of the six sides painted a different color.


Sailing ships used to always have a _____ on board to help determine their positions.


There are very few _____ reunions, as most are celebrated every five or ten years, not seven.


A stop sign is in the shape of an _____.


You play this melody on the piano, and I will play the same tune one _____ higher.


There was a difference of exactly three _____ between Robert's age and his father's age.


It takes great skill and stamina to take part in a _____.


Using a meter stick, he measured the width of the piece of paper and found it was two _____.

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