Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis Quiz


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What type of cells contain chloroplasts?
Plant cells and some algae
What is the energy plants use to make their own food?
The food making process is called...?
What are the raw materials (reactants) for photosynthesis?
CO2 + H2O (+energy)
What simple sugar is produced?
What gas is USED? What gas is RELEASED?
CO2 and O2
Where are most photosynthetic cells in plants found?
About how many chloroplasts can be found in photosynthetic cells?
Where is chlorophyll found in chloroplasts?
In which part of a plant would you expect to find the most chloroplasts and why?
Leaves, since photosynthesis cells are there
What do chloroplasts allow?
They allow plants to harvest energy from sunlight to carry on a process known as photosynthesis
How many membranes surround a chloroplast?
The outer membrane is...?
The INDIVIDUAL SACS formed by the inner membrane are called..... and are arranged in ..... like pancakes.
Thylakoids and Grana
What pigment is found inside a thylakoid? What color will it be?
Chlorophyll and green
Other pigments that trap sunlight are called.... What color are these pigments?
Accessory pigments: red, yellow, orange, brown.
STACKS of thylakoids are called....(plural) or.... (singular)
Grana and Granum
Stacks or grana are connected to each other by...
What happens to your heart rate when you exercise? Why?
It increases. To pump more oxygenated blood throughout the body and to get enough O2 in cells to make energy through cellular respiration
What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise?
Aerobic- continuous activity over time (not vigorous and with oxygen)
Anaerobic- burst of high speed activity (so fast we can get energy w/ out O2)
How do we get energy from ATP?
By breaking the high energy bond between the last two phosphates in ATP energy is released
What is the primary purpose of cellular respiration?
to release energy from food molecules
What is something that describes cellular respiration, a process continuously occurring in the mitochondria of cells?
The breakdown of organic compounds to obtain energy
What is needed for cellular respiration to occur?
Oxygen + energy source (glucose)
What are waste products in cellular respiration?
Carbon dioxide, water, and ethanol
How do we get rid of the waste products in cellular respiration?
By breathing out
What other nutrients can be used as a source of energy?
Glucose, Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Lipids
What is fermentation?
Making ATP w/out oxygen
What product do you get when you break an ATP molecule to get energy?
In which organelle does most cellular respiration take place?
What is an accurate word equation to describe the process of cellular respiration?
C6 H12 O6 + 6 O2 --> 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + energy
What is the role of chlorophyll and other pigments during photosynthesis?
to capture photons and pass along high-energy electrons to the electron transport chain
What can a maple tree do that a beetle cannot?
carry out photosynthesis
Muscle cells require more energy than do most other cells. Which organelles would you expect to find in greater abundance in muscle cells than in most other cells?
The products of photosynthesis are...?
sugar and oxygen
If a plant lost its ability to make starch, it would no longer be able to...?
store extra sugars
In which process do cells utilize oxygen in the production of energy?
Aerobic respiration
The process by which some bacteria produce carbohydrates from surrounding materials in the absence of light is called...?
What chemical process may be described as the opposite of respiration?
Photosynthesis; products of one are the reactants of the other
Plants give off... and take in...
Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide
Animals breathe out... and breathe in...
Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen
2 processes that allow cells to release energy from food are
fermentation and cellular respiration
What energy transformation occurs in green plants during photosynthesis?
Light energy is converted into chemical energy
The process of cellular respiration produces CO2 and energy. What other compound does cellular respiration produce?
How does a plant cell differ from an animal cell?
A plant cell can make its own glucose and an animal cannot
What type of chemical bond is broken in ATP to release energy for use in cells?
The bond between 2 phosphate groups
How does ATP differ from ADP?
ATP has 3 phosphate groups and ADP only has 2