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Something that requires air to live


Something that does not require air to live

Climax Community

The final stage in sucession


Organic matter that can be broken down to enrich soil


The process of breaking down


When an area is cleared of natural resources

Ecological Sucession

The gradual process of natural community develop


Water that is found on the underground

Human Impact

The way humans effect the enviornment



Organic Matter

Once living things that are decomposable

Pioneer Species

The starters of sucession like lichen or moss


Tiny holes and passageways that allow the soil to drain more quickly


To keep safe

Primary Succession

Needs soil

Secondary Succession

No soil needed

Surface Water

Streams, lakes, rivers

Urban Development

When lot of people come to an area and new things have to be built


Where the drainage ducts lead to most probably a lake or river


A small area where biotic and abiotic things co-exist together


The process of wearing down

Opportunistic Species

Bushes, trees and large mammals that come after the pioneer species

Limiting Factors

Things that effect the growth of a population in an area

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