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  1. Urban Development
  2. Destruction
  3. Groundwater
  4. Opportunistic Species
  5. Aerobic
  1. a Something that requires air to live
  2. b When an area is cleared of natural resources
  3. c When lot of people come to an area and new things have to be built
  4. d Water that is found on the underground
  5. e Bushes, trees and large mammals that come after the pioneer species

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  1. The process of breaking down
  2. The starters of sucession like lichen or moss
  3. Needs soil
  4. A small area where biotic and abiotic things co-exist together
  5. The final stage in sucession

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  1. Ecological SucessionNo soil needed


  2. WatershedSomething that requires air to live


  3. Organic MatterStreams, lakes, rivers


  4. Limiting FactorsThings that effect the growth of a population in an area


  5. ErosionThe process of wearing down