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  1. Aerobic
  2. Climax Community
  3. Destruction
  4. Primary Succession
  5. Ecological Sucession
  1. a Needs soil
  2. b When an area is cleared of natural resources
  3. c Something that requires air to live
  4. d The gradual process of natural community develop
  5. e The final stage in sucession

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  1. The process of breaking down
  2. Water that is found on the underground
  3. When lot of people come to an area and new things have to be built
  4. No soil needed
  5. The way humans effect the enviornment

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  1. CompostTiny holes and passageways that allow the soil to drain more quickly


  2. Limiting FactorsOnce living things that are decomposable


  3. PorosityThe process of wearing down


  4. ErosionThe process of wearing down


  5. Surface WaterStreams, lakes, rivers


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