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The Balkans

What was the mood of the Ottoman Empire, before 1804?
it was falling apart, and was being held together by the great powers, except for russia.
Why were the great powers holding the Ottoman Empire together?
because if the ottoman empire fell, all of the powers would scramble to get a chunk of it. And that would mean HUGE WARS and many deaths.
What was the Serbian Revolt?
Serbia gains independence from the Ottoman Empire
When was the Serbian Revolt?
1804 to 1811
What was the Greek War of Independence?
It was a war, where Greece fought against the powers and win their independence from the ottoman empire.
Why did the greeks win the Greek War of Independence?
because they were catholic and the big powers felt sorry for them.
When was the Greek War of Independence?
What was the deal with Romania?
after getting independence from the ottoman empire, the russians occupy it and use it as a satellite.
When was the Tanzimat Period?
What were the reforms of the Tanzimat Period?
abolition of slavery
first universities
abolition of the taxes on non-muslims
military advancements
central banks
What was the overall goal of the Tanzimat Period?
to treat citizens equally no matter what race or religion they are.
What was Britain's interest in keeping the Ottoman Empire together?
to maintain their control over the the sea and to keep the control away from Russia.
What two straits were extremely important?
the Bosporus (istanbul)
Dardanelles (ruins of troy)
What were the interests in the ottoman empire of the other great powers?
to keep it away from russia.
Who is Abdulul Hamid?
he was a ruler of the ottoman empire, who placed a constitution during the beginning years of his rule, but then took away the parliament, constitution and declared that he was an absolute monarchy.
When was he ruling?
1876 to 1909
What do the great powers think about Abdulul Hamid?
What was the Russo-Turkish War?
a ware declared by the russians who only wanted to stop the mass murders done by Abdulul Hamid.
When was the Russo-Turkish War?
1877 to 1878
Who was apart of the Russo-Turkish War?
Russia and the ottoman empire
What was the outcome of the Russo-Turkish War?
The Treaty of San Stefano
What did The Treaty of San Stefano say?
romania and serbia get full independence
Bulgaria becomes a self-ruling principality
What is Jingoism?
the war fever...
Who is Benjeman Disraeli?
he is the new prime minister of Britain
What does Benjeman Disraeli do?
he gives russia two choices; you either let us look over the treaty of San Stefano and if there is anything we don't like we can change it or its war.
What was the Congress of Berlin?
a meeting of all of the great powers
When was the Congress of Berlin?
What was the Treaty of Berlin?
Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, and Montenegro were all fully independent.
The sea Coast remains under Turkish Control
The Principality of Bulgaria gets defacto independence
Eastern Rumelia gets some independence, but is still apart of the Ottoman Empire.
What does Austria-Hungary gain from the Treaty of Berlin?
they occupy Bosenia-Hertzcovina, however Bosenia-Hertzcovina is still apart of the Ottoman Empire.
What does the UK gain from the Treaty of Berlin?
they occupy cyprus.
What does Russia gain from the Treaty of Berlin?
NOTHING and they are FURIOUS!!!!
Who else didn't get anything from the Treaty of Berlin?
greece, Bulgeria, and Serbia didn't gain anything, in fact, the serbs had to trade through the Austrian Sea Coast.
What Countries practiced Irredentism?
How did Romania practice irredentism?
although they were independent, not all of the romanians were free, b/c some lived in translyvania.
How did Serbia practice irredentism?
although they were independent, not all of the serbs were free.
How did Bulgaria practice irredentism?
How did Greece practice irredentism?
because although they are independent, the lands are still held by the ottoman empire.
What happens to the ottoman empire from 1878 to 1908?
Greece conquers crete from the ottoman empire and bulgeria gets eastern rumelia because they won a war against the ottoman empire.
What was the Young Turks Revolution?
a revolution in the ottoman empire
When was the young turk revolution?
What was the cause of the young turk revolution?
Abdulul Hamid didn't do anything about the corrupt government and or the rotting empire.
what were the reforms of the young turk revolution?
parliament back
constitution back
racist nationalism (not a turk = inferior, killing other nationalities, and very militaristic)
what were the outcomes the young turk revolution?
Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia declare themselves independent
Austria-Hungary annexes Bosenia-Hertzcovina,
The serbian government is very ANTI AUSTRIAN
What is the relationship between AUstria and Russia?
austria wants to be allies with russia. in return for russia's okay for the annexation of bosnia, austria will support the annexation of the straits to russia.
When was the Italo-Turkish War?
Who was included in the Italo-Turkish War?
the turks and the Italians
What were the results of the Italo-Turkish War?
Italy takes Libya from the Ottoman Empire, who was defeated VERY BADLY!
What was the Balkan League?
an alliance formed by 4 countries
Who was included in the Balkan League?
When was the first balkan war?
Who was included in the first balkan war?
The ottoman empire and the Balkan League
What was the cause of the first balkan war?
the balkan league wanted the middle strip
What is the result of the first balkan war?
Albania gets its independence
What happens between Bulgaria and Serbia/Greece?
Bulgaria wanted all of Macedonia fir itself, but serbia and greece wanted a piece of it. This was the spark of the 2nd balkan war.
When was the second balkan war?
Who was included in the second balkan war?
bulgeria versus the balkan league
Who joins the balkan league?
the ottoman empire and romania.
what was the result of the second balkan war?
Buglaria is defeated VERY quickly.
What was the peace treaty of the second balkan war?
North macedonia goes to serbia
South macedonia goes to greece
bulgeria gets a very small part of macedonia which consisted of a very small sea coast.