Nova " Deadliest Tornadoes


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How many tornadoes struck the US during the 2011 outbreaks?
How many lives were lost ?
What were the wind speeds of the Joplin tornado?
200 mph
How wide was the Joplin tornado?
1 mile wide
What is troubling about tornado warning systems?
Too late to save lives.
Today, what is the most effective prediction tool for tornadoes?
Doppler Radar
The time between a warning and an actual tornado is called?
Lead time
The average lead time from Doppler radar is ?
13 mins
The average tornado lasts how long?
3 mins
How did the spring of 2011 match the fall of 2002 tornado outbreak?
Jet stream pattern was similar.
La Nina of 2010 saw colder ocean temp off of Peru, this could shift weather patterns and mean more severe weather where?
Southern United States
The EF scale rates tornadoes where?
Strength of the tornado based upon the amount of damage they cause.
In Joplin, what put more people in harms way?
What helps keep death tool down in Oklahoma?
Greater Tornado awareness + safe rooms.
What is a limitation of the current Doppler radar network?
Not enough of them, Not seeing enough coverage of the ground
How can this be remedied?
More radars.
Risk decision scientist look at how people react warnings. What aren't people doing?
They aren't sheltering. They dismiss the warnings because they don't believe it will hit them