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French Future Perfect - Le futur antérieur

"J'aurai pris mon petit déje. I will have eaten breakfast." Match the English with its French equivalent. This is Anne's native take on learning French verbs, one at time. See more on verbs - including AUDIOS - in the Members' Area of www.frenchetc.org
j'aurai appris
I'll have learned
je serai passé
I'll have passed
tu seras allé
you'll have gone (sing)
elle aura eu
she'll have gotten
il aura fini
he'll be done
on aura bu
we'll have drunk (inf)
nous aurons fait
we'll have made
vous serez sortis
you'll have gone out (plur)
ils auront loué
they've rented (masc)
elles auront acheté
they'll have bought (fem)