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What kinds of TV and movies do you like? What do you think are the benefits and drawbacks of TV? Do you think it's okay for children to watch a lot of TV? How do you think TV affects people?

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Ex. Some TV shows are _________________. = teaching you something you did not know before
Ex. TV can make people really _______________. = not doing anything; not active
Ex. People who watch too much TV often feel __________. = feeling alone and unable to meet or speak to other people
Ex. Some people think TV makes people less ____________. = meeting or spending time with people
Ex. Seeing lots of beautiful people on TV can sometimes lower one's ___________. = the feeling of being satisfied with yourself, and that you deserve to be liked or respected
Ex. Watching a lot of violent TV shows can make children less _____________ to violence. =easily affected or upset by something
Ex. The TV network had to pay a __________ because of bad language. = money that you have to pay as a punishment:
Ex. The FCC ________________ what can be shown on TV. =to control an activity or process, especially by rules
Ex. This show has many ___________. = people who watch TV.
Ex. Steven Spielberg is a famous __________. = the person who gives instructions to the actors and other people working on a film or TV show
Ex. Some actors are also __________. = someone whose job is to control the preparation of a play, film, or TV show.
Ex. People cannot use ________ on commercial TV. = bad language.
Ex. Some people find jokes about religion __________. =very rude or insulting and likely to upset people
Ex. Hugh Jackman __________ the Wolverine in the X-men movies. = to be a character in a TV show, movie or play
Ex. I like the ________ in that movie. = the bad guy
Ex. In American movies, the _______ usually wins in the end. = the good guy
Ex. Who is the main ___________ in that story? = a person in a book, play, film, or TV show.
Some TV programs ______________ children to violence. (= show sth that is dangerous or not good)
Ex. He has hundreds of __________ in his cable package. = a television stations and all the programs that it broadcasts
Ex. The Chinese movie had English ___________. =the words printed over a film in a foreign language to translate what is being said by the actors
Ex. The French movie was ________ into English. = to change the original spoken language of a film or television program into another language
Ex. There was a lot of ________ in that film. = people that are not wearing clothes
Ex. Some shows seem to __________ violence. = to make someone or something seem more important or better than they really are:
Ex. Some countries _______ American movies and TV shows. = to say that something must not be done, seen, used
Ex. Some parents ________ the amount of TV their children watch. = to not allow more than a certain amount of time
Ex. Friends was a popular __________. = a funny television program in which the same characters appear in different situations each week
talk show
Ex. Ellen has a very popular _________. = a television show in which famous people answer questions about themselves
reality show
Ex. Survivor is a famous _______. = a TV show in which real people are put in some kind of unusual situation.
Ex. Many kids like to watch ___________. = short films that are made by photographing a series of drawings
Ex. Toy Story is a very famous ___________ film that was made by Pixar. = a film or program that shows pictures, clay models etc that seem to be really moving
Ex. He watches the _________ every evening at 6pm. = reports of recent events in newspapers, on television, etc.
Ex. The show, Breaking Bad, is a crime ________. = a type of TV show in which the story is often quite serious.
soap opera
Ex. The show, Days of Our Lives is a ________. = a television show which is usually shown during the day and is about the relationships and problems of the same group of people,
game show
Ex. The show, Jeopardy, is a __________. = a TV show in which real people go on as contestants and try to win money by playing a game
Ex. The show, Sesame Street, is on _________ TV. = a non-profit company that focuses on making educational programs.
Ex. He always skips the __________ when he watches TV. = short advertisements on TV.
Ex. That TV _________ is very popular. = a show that has a story that continues over many weeks or even years.
Ex. The movie, Saw, is a ______ movie. = a scary film with a lot of violence and blood.
science fiction
Ex. The movie, Star Wars, is _________. = stories about events in the future (or the past) in which there is technology that doesn't exist like time travel or visiting other planets.
Ex. The movie, Harry Potter, is _________. = an imaginary story with magic and strange creatures.
Ex. The movie, The Silence of the Lambs, is a __________. = a book or film that tells an exciting story about murder or crime
Ex. The movie, Die Hard, is an _________ movie. = a book or film that is exciting and has a lot of fighting, chases, and guns in it.
Ex. The movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, is an _______________ movie. = a book, movie, or TV show with a lot travel and exciting experiences in which dangerous or unusual things happen
Ex. The movie, Fast Food Nation, is a ___________ about fast food in the U.S. = a movie or TV show about real people (not actors) and which focuses on a particular subject
takes place
Ex. Harry Potter ___________ in England. = a story happens in place/time.
Ex. He likes many different __________ of films. = types
Ex. One of the main _____________ of Harry Potter is death. = the main subject or idea in a piece of writing, speech, film
Ex. Many people ______________ download movies on the Internet. = doing something that is against the law
Ex. Some people like to __________ watch a TV series. = a short period when you do too much of something, such as eating, drinking or watching something.
veg out
Ex. Let's just __________ and watch TV all night. = just sitting and not doing anything
Ex. Sometimes children __________ the people they see on TV. = to copy the way someone behaves, speaks, moves etc.
preview (also called a trailer)
Ex. Did you see the __________ for that movie? = a short advertisement for a film, television program, TV show that includes scenes.
Ex. That movie is _________ R. = is officially judged to be okay or not okay for people of a particular age
Ex. That show is really __________. = something that is interesting, fun, and makes time go quickly.
Ex. That movie was really _________. = a TV show or movies that shows a lot of killing and injuries
Ex. Many American comedies have characters who are __________. = very silly; funny but in a stupid way
Ex. That movies was quite ___________. = very strange and difficult to understand, like something from a dream
Ex. I don't like watching __________ movies. = a movie, book, or TV show that makes you feel sad and bad about life.
Ex. That movie was really ___________. = a movie, book, or TV show that makes you feel good about life.
tear jerker
Ex. That movie was a real ___________. = a movie, book, or TV show that is very sad and makes you cry.
Ex. Did you read any __________ of the movie? = short articles that talk about a movie, book, or TV show; they usually give a summary and opinion about how good it is.
Ex. That scene in the movie was really __________. = making you feel nervous and slightly frightened
come out
Ex. The new show will _________ next fall. = begin to be shown; be released
Ex. We watched the first ________ of the new show. = one story in a TV series; usually 30 - 60 minutes long.
remote control
Ex. Where is the ____________. = a thing you use for controlling a piece of electrical or electronic equipment without having to touch it, for example for turning a television on or off
Ex. That movie was totally __________. = a slang word that means really great (do not use in formal writing)
Ex. I'm __________ on that TV show. = a slang word that means that you love something and can't get enough of it. (do not use in formal writing)
special effects
Ex. The ______________ in that movie were amazing. = a way of making movies and TV shows so that impossible things can happen such as people flying.
Ex. That TV show is really ___________. = many people like it.
Ex. The interview was _______ live across Europe. = to send out radio or television programs: