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Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology

In laboratory experiments, psychologists' concern is not with specific behaviors but with the underlying theoretical ___________________.


Psychologists conduct experiments on simplified behaviors in a laboratory environment to gain _________________ over the many variables present in the "real world." In doing so, they are able to test ___________________ _________________ of behavior that also operate in the real world.

control, general principles

Culture refers to the enduring ______________, ________________, ______________, and _______________ shared by a large group of people and passed on from one generation to the next.

ideas; behaviors; attitudes; traditions

Although specific attitudes and behaviors vary across cultures, the underlying ___________ are the same. For instance, throughout the world people diagnosed with
______________ exhibit the same ____________ malfunction. Likewise, similarities between the _____________ far outweigh differences.

processes; dyslexia; brain; genders

Many psychologists study animals because they are fascinating. More important, they study animals because of the ___________ (similarities/differences) between humans and other animals. These studies have led to treatments for ________________ human and to a better understanding of human functioning

similarities; diseases

Some people question whether experiments with animals are ________________. They wonder whether it is right to place the _________________ of humans over those of animals

ethical; well-being

Opposition to animal experimentation also raises the question of what _________________ should protect the well-being of animals

Ethical guidelines require investigators to (1) obtain informed consent from potential participants, (2) protect them from harm and discomfort, (3) treat information obtained from participants confidentially, and (4) fully explain the research afterwords

Psychologists' values _________ (do/ do not) influence their theories, observations, and
professional advice.


Although psychology ___________ (can/cannot) be used to manipulate people, its purpose is to ____________.

can; enlighten

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