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Evaluating the quality of information, ideas, and arguments presented by a speaker is

Critical Listening

As audience members, if we prefer to listen to complex information that is interspersed with facts and details, we are

Content oriented listeners

When you decide that the speakers message will have no value, even before the speech begins, you have engaged in the listening barrier of


When as a listener you relate what you hear to an experience that you had as a teenager, you are


If the speech teacher asked the class to judge or discuss the speeches given in class, what would the teacher want from the class

The class is being asked to give criticism or constructive feedback

Information such as age, race, gender, education, and religious views are part of


Audience members who place more importance on nonverbal than verbal messages from a speaker might be from ______ cultures, wheras those placing more emphasis on what was said than the nonverbal messages might be from _____ cultures

High contest, Low contest

Trying to determine what an audience believes or thinks about a speech is termed

psychological analysis

Which of the following concepts in a psychological analysis are the audience's concepts of right and wrong, good and bad


What is ethnocentrism

the attitude that one's own cultural approach is superior to those from other cultures

Having the resources, information, and attitudes that lead to action in achieving a desired goal is


One way public speaking and conversation are similar is that both are

audience centered

During a speech, an audience member stands up and asks a question, to everyone's surprise. According to your text, is the audience member's behavior appropriate

No, the audience member did not maintain clearly defined roles of speaker and listener

An audience member is worried about an upcoming exam and is unlikely to remember much of what the speaker says. This is a type of

internal noise

The environment or situation in which a speech occurs is known as


If you have had previous experience in public speaking, you tend to be less sensitive to apprehension, and you have a lower heart rate when speaking, what is likely to be your style of communication apprehension


Whan speakers tense and relax their muscles while waiting for their turn to speak, without calling attention to what they are doing, this relects a strategy of coping with nervousness your text refers to as

channeling you nervous energy

What style of communication apprehension so you have if, like many people, you have a very high heart rate as you begin presenting a speech, and then your heart rate tapers off to more average levels


Susan had been planning her speech about owls to be given to an elemantary school audience. She had extensive information about thaeir habiat, hunting habits and prey. She showed graphic pictures of hunting wols to her audience. Many children cried and were frightened by her speech Susan didn't understand why. What did Susan do wrong

She faile to know her audience

Fred was assigned to give a 4-6 minute speech. He chose to speak on basketball, because he thought he knew a lot. he wrote down five words on index cards to jog his memory. he said everything he wanted to say and just began rambling in hopes of meeting the time requirements. what did fred do wrong

Fred did not properly prepare his speech

Looking over her speech, Wendi was pleased with her topic, how well the speech was outlined and organized, and the number of sources she had to share,,Should these items be the central focus of this speech

No, in public speaking the central focus shoul be the listeners

In a speech about voting trends, michael cited recent statistics, but made no attempt to appeal to the audiences sense of patriotism or to encourage them to vote more regularly. What is Michael's general purpose in this speech

to inform

When selecting and narrowing a speech topic, speakers need to consider

the audience, occasion, and themselves

At the beginning of his outline, Ambrose wrote, Changing a flat tire can be accomplished iin five simple steps. This statment is an example of

a central idea

Shantal had a speech to prepare. She selected a topic, did her research, and sat down to draft the speech. She wrote out the introduction first, then wrote a version of the intro that she would use as a conclusion. Then she outlined the main points of the body of the speech. Is this a textbook way to arganize a speech

No, your text suggests to start with the body of the speech first, then go back and draft the intro

When a person decides not to overstimate or falsify an insurance claim just to have the extra money, this action is based on the individual

code of ethics

What must balance the right to free speech

The responsiblity of speaking ethically

Speakers who bring in false claims and tug at the emotions of the audience, instead of using sound evidence and logical arguments, are examples

unethical speakers

Eric wanted to use an excerpt from a nighline episode, as both an audiovisual aid and a source for his speech. But be only agreed with and wanted to use one of the two guests interaction with ted koppel, so he edited out the second guest and shoed the edited videotape was this ethical

No this kind of sound biting violates the ethical guideline of using sound evidence and reasoning

While listening to a classmets speech, sean began to think that the speaker was citing sorces that were biased. sean began to shake his head and frown. what was sean doing in this instance

listening critically and giving feedback to the speaker

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