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A Set of Bad Character Traits (with pictures) to describe people with.


you have an attitude that you are better than everyone else.
(The _________ prince thought he was better than everyone in the country.)


to be clumsy, not graceful, or to feel embarrassed
(The _________ boy tripped over the chair, bumped into the teacher then fell onto the floor.)


often in a bad mood
(My dad is often _________ when he comes home from work.)


disagreeable, disgusting, nasty
(Mr. Twit was _________ because he liked to play evil tricks on local children.)


always telling people what to do
(The _________ girl always thought she knew better than everyone how to do something.)


vain, big headed,
(After Micheal became a popstar he became very _________.)


someone who has *become* crazy because of sth terrible that happened
(The _________ boy shouted at everyone all day and night.)


enjoy hurting people or animals
(The _________ boy like to cut the wings of insects. Bullies are always _________.)


someone who isn't safe
(My wife is a _________ driver, so I never let her drive our car.)


sb who cannot be trusted, full of deceit
(That salesman so _________ that I'll never buy another anything from him again.)


always wanting more and more and more
(His son is always _________ more than his parents can afford to give him).


feeling sad for a very long time (hours-minutes-days-weeks)
(After she lost her job, Doris was _________ for several weeks.)


needing sth/sb very badly
(The _________ ex-boyfriend was determined to get his girlfriend back after they split up.)


distant, not interested,
(My sister is so ___________, she's never interested in anything I have to say.)


like or acting like a devil
(As he played tricks on his classmates, the _________ boy had an evil look in his eyes.)


not agreeing with anything anybody says or suggests
(We don't like th e new girl in our class because she is really _________.)


horrible, loathesome,
(The __________ boy likes to play horrid tricks on other children for fun.


not honest, somebody who cannot be trusted to do the right thing
(Benny can not be trusted because he always does _________ things)


naughty, doesn't follow the rules
(___________ children always sit outside the principal's office.)


most powerful in a situation
(The USA is presently the most _________ country in the world at the moment.)


easily upset, sb who is easily controlled by their emotions (easily happy then quickly sad)
(After her father passed away (died), Sandra was very_________.)


sb who enjoys doing bad things all the time
(The witches are _____ because they want to turn all the children in the world into mice.


always forgetting things (ex. where you are or what you need)
(Even though she has been here a few months, our new teacher is so _________, she still forgets the names of her students.)


very disgusting
(I think my little brother is ________ for putting that cockroach in my salad.)


sb who did sth wrong
(After my little sister does sth wrong, she always looks really _________.)


not easy to change this person's mind, stubborn
(My _________ boss always fires people very quickly.)


nasty, disgusting, ghastly, vile
(The ________ boy threw mud all over his baby sister.)


someone who says sth but does sth different
(Our teacher is so __________. He always says be ontime to class, yet he is always late.)


someone who acts like an idiot would
(Drunk people are always so ______.)


not patient, unwilling to wait
(The _________ teacher only gave the slow student 3 mins to write his test!)


not polite, rude
(The ____ girl always goes to the front of the queue without waiting first.)


always doing sth without thinking first
(The _________ boy drew on the wall, drew on the floor and even drew on the ceiling before watching T.V.)


not able to decide what to do
(After students graduate, many become __________ because they don't know what job to do.)


not confident at all, full of doubt, no self-belief
(Many people free _________ when they speak infront of hundreds of people.)


wanting sth that you can't have
(My sister was __________of my new computer because his was very old.)


not wanting to make any effort to do sth
(Because the Tom never does any work at school, all the students call him ___________.)

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