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chapter 9 study guide

Reform act of 1832
Gave new industrial towns representatives in parliament
Factory Act
limited the number of hours in a child workday. iT made a maximum of 12 hours a day.
What was the goal of the Chartists?
1) universal manhood suffrage 2) secret ballot 3) pay for representatives in parliament 4) annual election
How did queen victoria fell about women's suffrage and how did that differ from Disraeli and Gladstone
queen victoria felt that women should not have suffrage, unlike Disraeli and gladstone who thought that because there was a female queen there should be women's suffrage.
Why did many people from ireland move the the U.S in the 1800's?
this was because the irish lived off of potatoes and when the potato famine came lots of people lost their jobs and the economy.
Why was the Australia founded?
This was because Europe didn't want criminals to be in cities so they used Australia as a jail.
when did Ireland receive limited self government?
in 1920
who are the Maori?
They were the best treated indigenous people
Louis the bourbon came to power after Napoleon and was brought back from the previous ruling family. He was not very confident because he had already been overthrown.
Charles X
Becomes king after Louis XVIII and takes away freedom of press and suspends the constitution. (wanted to be and absolute monarch.) He was overthrown in 1830
Louis Philippe
He was known as the citizen king(dresses like a citizen) When the economy falls he gets overthrown.
Louis Napoleon
He is elected as president of the 2nd republic. Decides he wants more power in 1851 he declares himself emperor. He then rules over a time of prosperity and loses a few military defeats and then loses power-33rd republic
Revolution of 1830
The shift in power from Charles X to louis Phillip
Revolution of 1848
the transfer of power from louis Phillip to Louis Napoleon.
2nd republic
Louis Napoleon is leader. It helps to achieve the goal of universal manhood suffrage.
2nd empire
The empire on France that was run by louis Napoleon. It was a time of prosperity until napoleon loses some military wars.
3rd empire
1) helped achieve public education for kids 6-13 2)in 1884 legalizes trade unions 3) 1900 gets working hours reduced 4)1906 one day off a week.
Who did Napoleon lose a war to in 1870?
Dreyfus affair
1894- When a jewish officer in the french army accused of giving military secrets. He was innocent and was found guilty even when they had found the real culprit they still blamed him.
Emile Zola
wrote J'accuse- arrested for libel
A prejudice towards jews.
a way for the jews to achieve a homeland in Palestine
Pierre toussaint L'ouverture
he freed and educated slaves in saint domingo. Then renamed it haiti.
What were the social divisions in the spanish colonies
Peninsulares-100% spanish, born in spain
Creoles-100% spanish born in new world
Mestizos-less than 100% spanish born in new world
Father Miguel Hidalgo
Was a spanish priest That started the 1st revolt. He was killed
Agustin de Iturbide
Spanish government tells him to put down revolts but instead he joins them and it the first creole king of mexico.
Simon Bolivár
known as the liberator-he tried to create the federation of the Andes + grand colombia
Jose de san martin
he obtained independence for the southern part of south america-Chile+Argentina.
Pedro I
Son of john VI and was left in charge of brazil. When they rebelled for independence from Portugal Pedro gave it to them.
Louisiana purchase
A purchase of All of Louisiana territory from the french to americans for 15 million doubling the size of the U.S
Why did we fight the war in 1812
Because Britain wanted to take back its colonies. Also when we won it was an example of the first major test for the U.S
Monroe Doctrine
If a part of europe tries to expand into the colonies the U.S will fully help.
Santa Anna
The king of mexico who lead mexico to fight the americas
What does the saying-without Tennessee there would be no Texas mean?
Tennessee is the volunteer state because we helped Texas when they were attacked.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
It gave the U.S mexican succession in california, nebraska, texas
Who did you have to have on your side in latin america to have success and why?
creoles-becuase they had all of the money.
Manifest destiny
was the idea that god wanted the U.S to reach from sea to sea
Indian removal Act
When all of Indians in America were forced into specific areas where they could live.
Trail of tears
The trip that the cherokee indians took to the reservations when 1/4 of them died
Kansas-Nebraska Act
The act that made kansas and nebraska to separate states. This created a dispute between the people when deciding wether or not to make these slave states.
What was the final straw that cause south carolina to break away from the union?
Abraham lincoln being elected as president
Emancipation proclamation
it gave slaves in certain areas of the confederate states freedom.
Battle of Gettysburg and Vicksburg
Gettysburg-an un-needed battle when the unions defeated the confederates.
Vicksburg-a decisive battle when the north beat the south.
Robert E Lee
Leader of the confederacy in the american civil war.
Ulysses S Grant
Leader of the Union in the american civil war.
Abraham Lincoln
The president of the North (union)
Jefferson davis
The president of the South (confederacy)
When The U.S helped recreated the destroyed south because of the war.
Civil Rights act
The act that gave african americans rights.
13th amendment
It outlawed slaves in the U.S