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  1. Daunt
  2. Servitude
  3. Fabricate
  4. Slapdash
  5. Biased
  1. a to overcome with fear, intimidate; to dishearten, discourage
  2. b careless and hasty
  3. c slavery, forced labor
  4. d to make, manufacture; to make up, invent
  5. e favoring one side unduly; prejudiced

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  1. (adj) given to fighting; active and aggressive in support of a cause; (n) an activist
  2. bringing in money; profitable
  3. livley,flavorful
  4. (v) to make a mess of, to get by; (n) a hopeless mess
  5. the process of driving or forcing out

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  1. Tantalizeto tease, torment by teasing


  2. MoroseTo make up for


  3. Unflinchingfirm, showing no signs of fear, not drawing back


  4. ImpoverishedPoor, in a state of poverty; depleted


  5. Arbitraryunreasonable; based on one's wishes or whims without regard for reason or fairness