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  1. Impoverished
  2. apex
  3. bogus
  4. Dissolute
  5. inundate
  1. a loose in one's morals or behavior
  2. b the highest point
  3. c false;incorrect
  4. d Poor, in a state of poverty; depleted
  5. e to flood,overflow

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  1. To hold back
  2. to attack with words, call bad names
  3. Never stopping, going an all the time
  4. careful, cautious
  5. to make shorter

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  1. Mediocreto attack with words, call bad names


  2. Inanimatenot having life; without energy or spirit


  3. LucidTo shape or cut down with an ax; to hold to


  4. Brazenfavoring one side unduly; prejudiced


  5. sprightlylivley,flavorful