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Social Contract Theory & the Declaration of Independence


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George III's rejection of the Olive Branch Petition
What event caused the Continental Congress to believe it was necessary to declare independence from Great Britain?
John Locke
English philosopher who built on the ideas of previous philosophers regarding the social contract theory.
Committee of Five
The job of writing the letter to King George III was given to five men known as the _____________________.
People have a right, an obligation, to overthrow a government that is abusive and does not meet their needs. Revolution
Locke's contribution to the social contract theory.
Richard Henry Lee
On June 7, 1776, this person voiced a resolution that all political ties between the colonies and Great Britain should be broken.
Thomas Jefferson
Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?
a. to let England and other nations know the colonies were no longer part of the British Empire and that they were establishing a new nation;

b. to rally support from colonists who had not made a decision regarding independence;

c. to obtain foreign aid from other countries, such as France and Spain;

d. to gain support of Englishmen by attacking King George.
Why was the Declaration of Independence written?
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in Independence Hall
Where was the Declaration of Independence written?
a government that oppresses its people (intolerable, harsh, cruel)
What type of government would be considered illigeitimate (illegal) according to the Declaration of Independence?
Jefferson had blamed the slave trade on Great Britain; this was removed from the document.
What changes did the Continental Congress demand be made to the Declaration of Independence?
a. Preamble/Explains why the Continental Congress had the document prepared

b. Declaration of natural rights: people have certain unalienable rights and the government
should protect those rights

c. Grievances/Complaints against King George III

d. Statement of independence
What are the four main parts of the Declaration of Independence?
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
What are the natural, or unalienable rights of man?
impossible to give up or take away
What does unalienable mean?
unwritten agreement based on the expectations of the people towards their government.

People give us authority to a government who will protect them and keep order; in turn the people support the government with taxes and obedience toward laws.
Define social contract.
the people, those being governed
According to the Social Contract theory, who gives government its power?
To protect the rights of the people
According to the Social Contract theory, what is the purpose of government?

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