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Pulse sites

describes the 8 pulse sites on the human body
temporal pulse
palpated in front of the ear
carotid pulse
found in the neck
brachial pulse
Pulse felt in bend of either arm (inner side - follow arm up from pinkie finger)
radial pulse
the pulse site found on the inside of the wrist. thumb side
apical pulse
pulse taken with a stethoscope and near the apex of the heart
femoral pulse
Pulse felt on either side of the groin
popliteal pulse
pulse located behind each knee
pedal pulse
pulse located on top of the foot
the pressure of the blood felt against the wall of an artery as the heart alternately contracts(beats) and relaxes( rests0
how fast the pulse is
the character of a pulse
abnormally rapid pulse(over 100 beats per minute)
slow pulse rate, usually below 60 beats per minute
normal pulse rate in adults
60-90 beats per minute
normal pulse rate in children
school age 75-100, infants 120-160 beats per minute