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15 terms


is a transition period in human development between childhood and adulthood. (10)
is the process through which your body becomes capable of reproduction. (12)
Chemical that affects or controls a certain system in the body. (12)
Primary Sex Characteristics
Changes involved with reproduction-the development of the reproductive (sexual) organs. (12)
Secondary Sex Characteristics
are all other physical changes in the body related to puberty. (13)
Sense of Identity
All the things that make you unique (15)
The mental image and the way you see yourself. (15)
The process if becoming your own person. (17)
learning from the examples and teachings of other which behaviors and attitudes are acceptable to the family, friends and to society. (17)
the physical aspect of being male or female.
Gender Identity
Your inner sense of being male or female
Gender Role
the way you express your gender identity. (17)
Gender Role Socialization
the process if learning which gender roles are available to you and which are available to people of the opposite gender. (17)
Gender role sterotypes
one acceptable gender role- all men same all woman same (19)
Self Esteem
the way you feel about yourself (17)