PSY101 - Quizlet 03 - 2012 Spring

18 terms by AbrahamFeinberg

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A ____ is something that can vary or change (over time, across situations, or from one individual to the next).


A ____ is a relationship where changes in one variable are systematically associated with changes in the other.


When correlated variables change in the same direction, this is called a ____ correlation.


When correlated variables change in opposite directions, this is called a ____ correlation.

confounding variable

An unaccounted-for variable that could be influencing the relationship being studied.


An ____ is a scientific procedure designed to study the nature of the relationship among two or more variables; the main advantage is that it allows the researcher to infer causation.


In an experiment, the variable that is being directly manipulated by the experimenter is the ____ variable.


In an experiment, the variable that is being measured by the experimenter is the ____ variable.


In an experiment, the condition that gets special treatment with regard to the independent variable is called the ____ condition.


In an experiment, the condition that gets no special treatment with regard to the independent variable, but that is otherwise the same as the experimental condition, is called the ____ condition.

random assignment

When you have an experimental group and a control group, ____ ____ can be used to make sure each person has an equal chance of going in one group or going in the other.

statistically significant difference

A difference that is larger than what would be expected from random chance or error alone.


A dummy medicine that looks like the real thing, but that doesn't have any active ingredients.

placebo effect

A phenomenon in which participants taking a placebo react as though they were receiving "real" treatment, simply because they believe that they are

operational definition

A clear definition of a variable in terms of how it will be measured.


Being well-grounded, justifiable, or logically true


Yielding consistent results.

replication study

A study in which one scientist tries to reproduce the same study that another scientist has already done, usually for the purposes of checking whether the results of the original study are valid.

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