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A(An) ____________________ is a diagram that follows the inheritance of a single gene through several generations of a family.


The alleles IA and ____________________ for the ABO blood group are codominant.


A person who has blood type O can receive a blood transfusion only from a person who has blood type ____________________.


People who have sickle cell disease inherited ____________________ copies of the sickle cell allele.


A boy who has hemophilia inherited the disorder from his ____________________.

Turner's Syndrome

A female with the disorder _________________________ inherits only one X chromosome and has the genotype XO.

DNA Sequence

A person can be tested for the allele that causes Huntington's disease because the _________________________ of that allele is different from that of the normal alleles


James Hutton thought that rocks from the sea floor could be pushed up very high to form ____________________.


The geologist ____________________ proposed that past changes in Earth must be explained in terms of events and processes observable today.

Acquired Traits

According to Lamarck's theory of the inheritance of _________________________, the long legs of certain shore birds could be acquired by frequent wading in water rather than through inheritance.


Although his idea was incorrect, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was one of the first people to propose a scientific explanation for ____________________.


When a population's birthrate exceeds its death rate, the size of the population ____________________.

living things

Charles Darwin applied Thomas Malthus's thoughts about human population growth to all ____________________.


Certain animal structures that have different functions in different species and develop from the same clump of embryonic cells are called ____________________ structures.


According to Darwin's theory of evolution, ____________________ change over time.


Darwin proposed that natural selection took place as individuals best suited to the ____________________ survived and reproduced.

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