Beginner's Chinese OU L197 lesson 11

24 terms by Schaefi

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jiǔ • wine or liquor

ròu - meat


niúròu - beef


píjiǔ - beer


kǎoyā - roast duck


chǎo fàn - fried rice


chao niu rou - stir-fry beef


zǎofàn - breakfast


wǔ xīng - five star


wǎngbā - internet bar


wǎnfàn - dinner


yā ròu - duck meat


jiǔ huì (n) cocktail party

chī - to eat

hē - to drink


diǎnr - a little, a bit

méi - not

píng bottle / (a measure word) / vase / pitcher

bēi cup / a measure word

wǎn - [a measure word for rice or soup] bowl

pán plate; dish

zhī (a measure word, for birds and some animals, etc.) / single / only

yǒu - to have, there is/are

yào - to want; to be going to

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