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  1. Damage to Spinal Cord
  2. Diencephalon
  3. Medulla Oblongata
  4. Basal Ganglia
  5. Local Interneurons
  1. a Control of internally-generated movement
  2. b Composed thalamus and hypothalamus
  3. c -Results in motor and/or sensory deficits
    -Depends on descending and/or ascending tracts
    -Depends on height (high = worse)
  4. d Control of autonomic functions (blood pressure, breathing, etc)
  5. e Integrate sensory info into motor output

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  1. Functions in forming new memories
  2. -In ventral and dorsal roots
    -Contains call bodies of different neurons and interneurons
  3. -Sensorimotor relay from cortex to cerebrum
    -Control of breathing
  4. Relay/gating station for sensory info going to the cerebrum
  5. Carry afferent signals up spinal cord to the brain

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  1. Cerebellum-Dorsal to to the pons
    -Involved in the control visually-guided movements


  2. Dorsal RootsCarry efferent action potentials to muscles and glands


  3. Ventral RootsCarry afferent action potentials to the spinal cord


  4. Mesencephalon (Midbrain)Responsible for control of eye movement and visual/auditory reflexes


  5. Spinal CordCarries signals from the brain to the effector organs and from receptor organs to the brain


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