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What organisms grow on Chocolate agar? MacConkey? Mannitol Salt agar?

Chocolate: Has V factor (NAD) and X factor (hemin); fo Haem influenzuae and Neisseria gonorrhoeae
MacConkey: Gram neg rods
Mannitol Salt: S aureus, turns the surrounding yellow

During the lab demonstration, which organisms were able to grow in any conditions, aerobic, anaerobic, and increased CO2?

Anywhere: E coli
Aerobic: Pseud
Anaerobic: B frag
Increased CO2: N gonorrhoeae

What are throat cultures looking to cultivate?

GAS, strep pyogenes

What are sputum specimens looking to cultivate?

Strep pneum, H flu, S aureus, enteric GNR for hospitalized pts

How do you know if a sputum sample is of good quality?

If there are nphils, then probably from the site of disease (nphils are pink on a Gram stain); if there are epithelial cells, then contamination from mouth, pharynx probably occurred

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