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WHAP chap12

220-589 CE
name the period of political disorder and chaotic warfare that followed the Qin-Han era
Sui Dynasty (580s)
the dynasty that ended the period of political chaos after the fall of the Qin-Han
the man responsible for the creation of the sui dynasty
Li Yuan
the founder of the Tang Dynasty
the title earned by those who passed the chinese literature exams
members of the elite class
people that were more attracted to Chan buddhism
Empress Wu
the tang ruler who attempted to make buddhism the state religion
Zhao Kuangyin or Taizu
the founder of the song dynasty
Zhu Xi
the most prominent of the neo-confucians during the song era
the legalist assumption
confucian school of thought that wang ashin attempted to reform the song government
the capital of the southern song dynasty
the ruling political elite
did landscape painting in the song era
confucian scholar-gentry elite
the intellectual school responsible for the production of the most literary and artistic works in the Tang-Song era
Bi Sheng
the artisan responsible for the development of movable type
Li Bo
an oustanding poet of the Tang era
group responsible for the fall of the southern song dynasty in 1279