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  1. why did war between britain and france put the united states in an awkward position?
  2. what were black codes?
  3. who saved important items from the white house before the british burned it down?
  4. how did the union raise money to fight the war?
  5. where did robert e. lee surrender to grant?
  1. a appotomax courthouse in virginia
  2. b they were southern laws designed to limit the rights of blacks
  3. c dolly madison
  4. d income tax
  5. e france was an ally and britain was an important trading partner

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  1. to farm and ranch where land was plentiful, to find gold and become rich, and to escape debt or legal problems
  2. to preserve the union
  3. clara barton
  4. article three
  5. coin money

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  1. what is the importance of article 5 of the constitution?it provided a way for the constitution to be amended


  2. which amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizure?fourteenth amendment


  3. who was the first vice president and the second president?it protected the people against a powerful national government


  4. which amendment progibits the government from using your home to house soldiers?sixth amendment


  5. which amendment protects the right to petition the government?one