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  1. what groups were not represented at the constitutional convention?
  2. how were the unionand the confederate drafts similiar?
  3. what is a veto?
  4. what group was the target of the alien and sedition acts of 1798?
  5. what was the most imporant result of the supreme court decision in the case of marbury vs. madison?
  1. a women, african amercians, native americans, and poor farmers
  2. b is established judicial review
  3. c the rejection of a law or bill
  4. d substitutes were allowed
  5. e aliens/immigrants

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  1. francis scott key
  2. they were boats that had iron around for it to be more sturdy (the first fight with ironclads ended in a draw)
  3. he beleived he had the ability to free slaves in rebelling states as a military tactic
  4. people of the spanish heritage who considered texas to be their home
  5. charleston, south carlonia (fort sumter)

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  1. what compromise was made in how to count slaves to determine population?1787


  2. what did the kansas-nebraska act call for with regards to slavery in new territories?it formend a whole new nation and stop all ties with america


  3. what is the bill of rights?the first ten ammendments (personal rights)


  4. what is the president's term of office?it states the purpose of the constitution


  5. why did lincoln issue the emancipation proclamation?he hoped it would weaked the south's ability to fight in the war


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