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  1. what year was the constitution convention held in?
  2. how many years is a US senator elected into office for?
  3. who were tejanos?
  4. what is a carpet bagger?
  5. what was the name of the group that opposed ratifying the constitution?
  1. a six years
  2. b anti-federalists
  3. c 1787
  4. d a person of the north who was accused to coming to the south to get rich for political gain
  5. e people of the spanish heritage who considered texas to be their home

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  1. first amendment
  2. the battle of gettysburg
  3. to give african amercans the right to vote
  4. 27
  5. freedmen's bureau

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  1. why did lincoln free the slaves in the south?he beleived he had the ability to free slaves in rebelling states as a military tactic


  2. which amendment allows toy to bear arms?second amendment


  3. what determines the number of representatives a state has in the house of representatives?women, african amercians, native americans, and poor farmers


  4. who wrote the words to our national anthem?francis scott key


  5. why were sojourner truth and fredrick gouglas effective abolitionist speakers?they had both been slaves