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  1. which amendment gave citizenship to former slaves?
  2. how does the preamble beign?
  3. who has the power to declare war?
  4. what is the power of judicial review?
  5. what city was the constitutional convention held in?
  1. a "we the people of the united states..."
  2. b it is the principle that the supreme court has the final say in the intrepretting the constitution
  3. c fourteenth amendment
  4. d congress/legislative branch
  5. e philadelphia

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  1. it protected the people against a powerful national government
  2. official approval
  3. a person of the north who was accused to coming to the south to get rich for political gain
  4. american born white soldiers
  5. cities became overcrowded, some immigrants settled down and settled land, and nativist called for stricter citizenship requirements

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  1. what is an immigrant?a person born in a counrty who wants to eliminate foreign influence


  2. which amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizure?fourth amendment


  3. what is a radical?a person who take extreme political positions?


  4. what battle was considered the turning point in the civil war?soldiers were better trained


  5. who was dorthea dix?people of the spanish heritage who considered texas to be their home