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  1. what battle was considered the turning point in the civil war?
  2. what is the bill of rights?
  3. what are the two groups that make up congress?
  4. when was the constitution ratified?
  5. what year was the constitution convention held in?
  1. a 1788
  2. b 1787
  3. c the senate and house of representatives
  4. d the battle of gettysburg
  5. e the first ten ammendments (personal rights)

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  1. fifth amendment
  2. william travis
  3. and emigrant
  4. to choose the US president
  5. fifth amendment

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  1. what group went west for religious freedom?it included a plan for a national bank so that currency could be used in all states. it improved transportation to make travel easier


  2. how are member of the supreme court chosen?missouri, kentucky, west virginia, and maryland


  3. what important power did the national government lack under the articles of ceonfederation?the power to tax the people


  4. what happened as a result of the panic of 1873?banks and businesses failed, democrats won many victories in congress and state elections, and many farmers were unable to get their crops to the market due to road failures


  5. which amendment give you the right to an impartial jury?fourteenth amendment