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  1. what is the role of the electoral college?
  2. which amendment give you the right to an impartial jury?
  3. how many states had to ratify the constitution before it took affect?
  4. what is a radical?
  5. what article of the constitution established the supreme court?
  1. a nine states
  2. b a person who take extreme political positions?
  3. c to choose the US president
  4. d article three
  5. e sixth amendment

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  1. they were broke and when they arrived, they found jobs in port cities they arrived in
  2. killing someone on the spot withour a trial for a supposed crime
  3. 1788
  4. that free african americans can't vote
  5. a severe food shortage

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  1. what plan provided the basic framework for the constitution?it protected the people against a powerful national government


  2. who were tejanos?they were southern laws designed to limit the rights of blacks


  3. who was dorthea dix?she was a conductor who helped enslaved blacks cross the underground railroad


  4. what is meant by the supreme law of the land?it states the purpose of the constitution


  5. what did george washington think about poilitcal parties?he felt it would plit the nation apart