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  1. what is the bill of rights?
  2. what did the north's navy hope to do?
  3. which amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizure?
  4. which amendment protects the right to petition the government?
  5. what is popular sovereignty?
  1. a cut off south's imports and exports with a blockade
  2. b one
  3. c fourth amendment
  4. d it is a government in which people vote
  5. e the first ten ammendments (personal rights)

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  1. they were afraid northerners would abolish slavery
  2. the legislative branch
  3. cities became overcrowded, some immigrants settled down and settled land, and nativist called for stricter citizenship requirements
  4. he felt it would plit the nation apart
  5. anti-federalists

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  1. how did jefferson tell lewis and clark to treat the native americans they may come across?william travis


  2. what advantages came out of the war of 1812?treaty of ghent


  3. what year was the constitution convention held in?1787


  4. what is the president's term of office?cut off south's imports and exports with a blockade


  5. how many years is a US senator elected into office for?27