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  1. which amendment states that powers not specifically given to the federal government are reserved to the states of to the people?
  2. what office in the government can a naturalized citizen not hold?
  3. how does the preamble beign?
  4. in what case did the US settle for less land than it wanted?
  5. what two groups may propose amendments to the constitution provided there is a 2/3 majority of votes?
  1. a congress and state legislatures
  2. b presidential office
  3. c "we the people of the united states..."
  4. d oregon
  5. e tenth amendment

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  1. the battle of antietam
  2. it formend a whole new nation and stop all ties with america
  3. rifles
  4. they are appointed by the president
  5. it goes against the constitution

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  1. why was the missouri compormise so important to the nation?it maintained a balance of power between free states and slave states


  2. what group was the target of the alien and sedition acts of 1798?aliens/immigrants


  3. which amendment insures excessive bail may not be given?fourteenth amendment


  4. what branch of the government has the power to pass laws?the constitution must be head of all laws


  5. why was the north's capture of new orleans a serious blow to the south?separation of powers