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  1. what groups were not represented at the constitutional convention?
  2. how many members of congress must pass a bill after it has been vetoed?
  3. why did lincoln issue the emancipation proclamation?
  4. what is person who leaves his or her country to live in another country called?
  5. what is the purpose of the preamble?
  1. a and emigrant
  2. b women, african amercians, native americans, and poor farmers
  3. c it states the purpose of the constitution
  4. d he hoped it would weaked the south's ability to fight in the war
  5. e 2/3rd

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  1. that free african americans can't vote
  2. she was a reformer of the ways mentally ill people were treated without being treated like criminals
  3. if you owned 20+ slaves, you ddn't have to serve in the war; rich men could pay poor men to take their place
  4. it provided a way for the constitution to be amended
  5. william travis

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  1. what was the federalists' position on the economy?four years


  2. what group went west for religious freedom?the mormons


  3. who has the power to declare war?it is the principle that the supreme court has the final say in the intrepretting the constitution


  4. where did robert e. lee surrender to grant?the constitution must be head of all laws


  5. what year was the constitution convention held in?1787


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