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  1. in what case did the US settle for less land than it wanted?
  2. how were the unionand the confederate drafts similiar?
  3. what is an immigrant?
  4. what is the importance of article 5 of the constitution?
  5. what was the federalists' position on the economy?
  1. a they wanted to pay off all war debts, raise government revenue, and create a national bank
  2. b it provided a way for the constitution to be amended
  3. c substitutes were allowed
  4. d a person who comes ro a different counrty to settle
  5. e oregon

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  1. americans invaded mexico from different directions
  2. the power to tax the people
  3. coin money
  4. the battle of antietam
  5. it is the principle that the supreme court has the final say in the intrepretting the constitution

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  1. how many members of congress must pass a bill after it has been vetoed?they are appointed by the president


  2. what were ironclads and why were they so important during the civil war?they were boats that had iron around for it to be more sturdy (the first fight with ironclads ended in a draw)


  3. who was the first vice president and the second president?to free ALL slaves


  4. which amendment protects the right to petition the government?sixth amendment


  5. how did congress agree to adress george washington once he was elected to the presidency?he beleived he had the ability to free slaves in rebelling states as a military tactic