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  1. bystander
  2. parch
  3. entice
  4. ratify
  5. casual
  1. a n- one who looks or observes, a person present but not taking part
  2. b adj- happening by chance or on an irregular basis; showing little concern; informal
  3. c v- to approve, give formal approval to, confirm
  4. d v- to attract, tempt
  5. e v- to make dry and thirsty; to shrivel with heat

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  1. v- to evade or belittle a point by twisting words or raising minor objections
    n- a petty objection
  2. adj- royal, kinglike; fit for a king
  3. v- to thrash about in a clumsy or ineffective way
  4. n- a difficult or painful experience, a trial
  5. adj- having life, living, necessary to life, essential; key, crucial

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  1. gruesomev- to wear away gradually, eat away


  2. persistv- to continue steadily in a course of action, refuse to stop or be changed; to last remain


  3. melancholyadj- sad, gloomy, unhappy
    n- sadness, gloominess


  4. acceleratev- to speed up, cause to move faster; to bring about more quickly


  5. stiflev- to smother, prevent from breathing; to hold back or choke off