10 terms

Vocab for Ch 1 and 2 for The Shakespeare Stealer

noun, a name or title ex. I did not like the appellation for our new product that was making it unpopular.
noun, the most suitableness that fulfills the purpose or needs ex. The mayor's fundraiser was at the height of expediency.
noun, something that is life changing ex. When I was ten, I moved, which was the great climacteric of my life.
noun, a pharmacist or pharmacy that has the ability to distribute drugs and medicine ex. There was an apothecary at every turn trying to sell their products.
noun, the action of writing down dictation ex. Jing was amazing at stenography and could write as fast as some people could speak.
noun, a mineral ex. I saw some plubago in the ground under the rocks as I saw the sun shine on it.
noun, two weeks ex. In a fortnight the crops will be ready to harvest.
noun, frame with one beam attached to two sets of double spreading legs ex. I use two trestles two hold the plank of wood so I could saw through it.
noun, the expression of the face ex. Jing had a happy countenance when she saw the ice-cream truck.
noun, light sharp sword only used for thrusting ex. I stuck the rapier into Jing's led and it came out the other side.