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Names and functions of the cranial nerves (veterinary).

I Olfactory

(S) Smell

II Optic

(S) Vision

III Oculomotor

(M) Most extraocular muscles (levator palpebrae, dorsal rectus, medial rectus, ventral rectus, ventral olbique mm.)

IV Trochlear

(M) Dorsal oblique muscle

V Trigeminal (Ophthalmic Branch)

(S) General sensation to skin of face, nasal cavity, protective innervation of eye (corneal reflex)

V Trigeminal (Maxillary Branch)

(S) General sensation to some of the skin of the face and part of nasal mucosa, completes afferent pathway of chewing reflex.

V Trigeminal (Mandibular Branch)

Afferent - Chewing reflex, sensation to rostral 2/3 of tongue, lower teeth, and mucosa of inner cheek
Efferent - Muscles of mastication

VI Abducens

(M) Lateral rectus & retractor bulbi mm

VII Facial

Afferent - taste for rostral 2/3 of tongue
Efferent - muscles of facial expression

VIII Vestibulocochlear

Vestibular - sense gravitational effects & movement
Cochlear - hearing

IX Glossopharyngeal

Afferent - Sensation and taste for caudal 1/3 of tongue and general sensation to pharynx
Efferent - Muscles of pharynx

X Vagus

Afferent - Sensory fibers to extenral acoustic meatus, respiratory tract, esophagus and upper digestive tract, and cardiovascular systems
Efferent - Muscles of larynx, pharynx, and esophagus

XI (Spinal) Accessory

(M) Muscles of the larynx, cleidomastoideus (dog), cleidocervicalis (dog), trapezius

XII Hypoglossal

(M) Tongue muscles (geniohyoideus, thryrohyoideus, stylohyoideus)

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