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These are the Challenge A Geography Terms starting with either A or B. Except, our Challenge has looked them up with a brunch of different dictionaries and chose the term the best "describes" the word. Thus, they are slightly different from what the challenge guide says;) This is for you Chas and Emily!


Elevation or height above sea level


a group or chain of may islands in a sea(usually sharped like and arch)


An inlet from the sea or other body of water


Small island the shape of a ring or horseshoe formed by deposits of coral sea animals


The steep or sloping border of any sea


Low place in the surface of the land, usually with a body of water occupying the lowest part


Part of the sea or lake that cuts into the shoreline


a sluggish, marshy inlet or outlet of a lake, river or other body of water(gulf or Mexico Mississippi river)


The pebbly or sandy shore of the sea or lake washed by the waves


a steep, high bank beside a body of water


Wet ground not able to support much weight usually made up of decayed plants


a small creek or stream emptying into larger stream


Waves breaking into foam as they approach or dash against the shore


The very edge as the top of a bluff, cliff or precipice


Small stream

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