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  1. wallpaper
  2. wiggle
  3. flat
  4. soar
  5. floppy
  1. a to fly aloft or about
  2. b being soft and flexible
  3. c to move along with twisting and turning movements
  4. d decorative paper for covering the walls of a room
  5. e having no depth or thickness

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  1. very large in size or extent or amount or power or degree
  2. to place a metal fastening lock around the wrist of an individual
  3. space or a place for storing
  4. to make an apology
  5. feeling angry toward a rival or competitor

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  1. gusta sudden brief rush of wind


  2. measurementto make believe : act a part or role


  3. stareto fly aloft or about


  4. crowda large number of persons or things crowded or crowding together


  5. "cuckoo"sensitive to tickling


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