Chapter 11 Vocabulary for "Biological Science, 4th Edition" by Freeman. University of Pittsburgh (Main Campus) edition

Cell Division

Division of pre-existing cells


Cell division which leads to the production of gametes


Production of somatic cells

Somatic Cells

"Body-belonging" cells, non-sexual cells


Division of the cytoplasm (and its organelles)


Name for each DNA copy of a replicated chromosome


Specialized region of chromosome where sister chromatids are conjoined

G1, S, G2, M, Cytokinesis

Phases of the Cell Cycle (X, Y, Z, ...)


Globular proteins which DNA encoil themselves around


Eukaryotic Chromosomes encompassed with histones create the chromosomal structure know as...

Spindle Apparatus

Mechanism(s) responsible for segregating DNA during anaphase

Kinetochore Microtubules

Molecular motor responsible for seperating sister chromatids in anaphase

nonkinetochore microtubules

Responsible for elongation of the cell

Cell plate

Noticeable division between plant cells after cytokinesis

cleavage furrow

Noticeable division between animal cells after cytokinesis


The structure on sister where kinetochore microtubules attach


Cylindrical structures that comprise microtubules inside animal cells

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