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  1. Omphalocele in a term baby
  2. Upper part of the head
    Contributes to the accessory duct (of Santorini)
  3. Week 10-11. When it returns, it rotates another 180 degrees CCW.
  4. Endoderm
  5. Midgut
  1. a
    Dorsal bud of the pancreas gives rise to what structures of the pancreas?
  2. b What germ layer contributes to pancreatic acinar and islet tissue?
  3. c When does the midgut return to the abdomen after herniation?
  4. d
  5. e What portion of the gut only gives rise to gut (not other organs)?

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  1. Intestinal duplication may be due to what?

  2. What is this?
  3. What connects the primitive gut to the yolk sac?
  4. What happens in the case of volvulus?
  5. Blood supply above pectinate line?

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  1. Divided by urorectal septum into two parts: urogenital membrane and the anal membraneWhat eventually happens to the cloacal membrane?


  2. Distal esophagus
    How is the portal venous system connected to the systemic venous system?


  3. Tourneaux and Rathke folds
    Tourneaux comes in from median, while Rathke come in from the sides.
    How does the pancreas form?


  4. 4th week, off of the caudal foregut endoderm.During what weeks is the midgut herniated into the umbilicus?


  5. Internal iliac arteryWhat supplies the hindgut?