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  1. Like a napkin ring of pancreas surrounding the duodenum.

    Result of bilobed ventral buds that rotate dorsally on both sides of duodenum and fuse with dorsal bud
    Can cause duodenal obstruction, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer.
  2. Undifferentiated endodermal cells proliferate and occlude gut lumen
    Then it recanalizes over the next 2 weeks

    Definitive mucosal epithelium differentiates by week 9.
  3. Gut twists and cuts of blood supply, usually resulting in a red infarct
  4. Endoderm
  5. Week 10-11. When it returns, it rotates another 180 degrees CCW.
  1. a What germ layer contributes to pancreatic acinar and islet tissue?
  2. b What happens in the case of volvulus?
  3. c What happens to gut development at week 6?
  4. d What is an annular pancreas?
  5. e When does the midgut return to the abdomen after herniation?

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  1. The caudal and proximal parts of the hepatic diverticulum become what?

  2. What is this?
  3. What is the major hematopoietic organ of the embryo?
  4. What does the liver clear from the blood?

  5. What is happening here?
    What happens right afterward?

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  1. Abnormal recanalization of the gut lumen following occlusion.Intestinal duplication may be due to what?


  2. IleumWhere in the gut does a Meckel's diverticulum occur?


  3. At week six, midgut herniates in U-shaped "primary intestinal loop" into the cord.When does the midgut undergo herniation?


  4. You get something called "nonrotation," in which there is small bowel on the right side and colon on the left.
    This increases the risk of volvulus and obstruction
    What happens if the gut doesn't rotate?


  5. Contribute small porttion of endoderm to bladder
    Lumen disappears, becomes fibrotic cord, forms urachus (median umbilical ligament)
    What structures are derived from the allantois?


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