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  1. Gut twists and cuts of blood supply, usually resulting in a red infarct
  2. Mesoderm around anal membrane proliferates, creating the proctoderm (anal pit). This gives rise to the anal pit. The anal membrane breaks down around week 8
  3. SMA
    Small bowel, proximal colon
  4. Omphalocele in a term baby
  5. Gallbladder
    Ventral pancreas
    The stalk that connects liverbud to duodenum becomes common bile duct.
  1. a What eventually happens to the anal membrane?
  2. b
  3. c What happens in the case of volvulus?
  4. d
    What is the middle circle, and what does it supply?
  5. e The caudal and proximal parts of the hepatic diverticulum become what?

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  1. When does the midgut undergo herniation?
  2. The liver is important for storing what?
  3. What are some complications of a failure of the urachus lumen to obliterate?
  4. What supplies the midgut?
  5. What happens if the gut doesnt return to the abdomen?

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  1. Internal iliac arteryBlood supply below pectinate line?


  2. Microscopic view of the pectinate line. Area of irregular mucosal folding in anorectal canal.
    What is happening here in this ultrasound?


  3. Endoderm-lined yolk sac folds into embryo at wk 4.Blood supply above pectinate line?


  4. Like a napkin ring of pancreas surrounding the duodenum.

    Result of bilobed ventral buds that rotate dorsally on both sides of duodenum and fuse with dorsal bud
    Can cause duodenal obstruction, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer.
    What is an annular pancreas?


  5. Attached to yolk sac via yolk stalk (vitelline duct)What is attached to the leading edge of the herniating midgut?