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  1. Gut twists and cuts of blood supply, usually resulting in a red infarct
  2. Midgut
  3. Annular pancreas

    Duodenal obstruction, peptic ulcer disease, pancreatitis
  4. Celiac axis
    Stomach, liver, pancreas, duodenum
  5. Gut epthelium, glands
  1. a What happens in the case of volvulus?
  2. b What gut structures are derived from the endoderm?
  3. c
    What is the top circle, and what does it supply?
  4. d
    What diseases is this process associated with?
  5. e What portion of the gut only gives rise to gut (not other organs)?

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  1. When do the liver, biliary, tree, pancreas arise from the ventral buds, and off of what?
  2. What supplies the hindgut?

  3. What is happening here?
    What happens right afterward?
  4. What germ layer contributes to pancreatic acinar and islet tissue?

  5. What is the middle circle, and what does it supply?

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  1. 90 degrees CCW while herniated
    180 degrees CCW right after herniation
    How much does the gut rotate during development?


  2. Divided by urorectal septum into two parts: urogenital membrane and the anal membraneWhat eventually happens to the cloacal membrane?


  3. You get something called "nonrotation," in which there is small bowel on the right side and colon on the left.
    This increases the risk of volvulus and obstruction
    When does the midgut undergo herniation?


  4. Inferior mesenteric arteryBlood supply above pectinate line?


  5. Week 10, after the innervation of gut smooth muscle begins.When does peristalsis begin?