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  1. Week 10, after the innervation of gut smooth muscle begins.
  2. Divided by urorectal septum into two parts: urogenital membrane and the anal membrane
  3. Removes last bit of extra water
    Stores residual stool until convenient to discharge
    Prevents bacterial and parasitic invasion.
  4. Mesoderm around anal membrane proliferates, creating the proctoderm (anal pit). This gives rise to the anal pit. The anal membrane breaks down around week 8
  5. From dorsal and ventral buds
    Ventral bud moves dorsally and the two buds fuse
  1. a How does the pancreas form?
  2. b What eventually happens to the anal membrane?
  3. c When does peristalsis begin?
  4. d What eventually happens to the cloacal membrane?
  5. e Why is the colon important?

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  1. Blood supply above pectinate line?
  2. What happens if the gut doesnt return to the abdomen?

  3. What is the cloacal membrane?
  4. What does the hindgut give rise to?

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  1. If anal membrane fails to break down, or if urorectal septum position is abnormal.
    What is happening here in this ultrasound?


  2. Glycogen, vitamin B12, vitamin AWhat supplies the foregut?


  3. Volvulus resulting in a red infarct and then necrotic, dead bowel.. This can occur especially in a "nonrotated" gut.


  4. Omphalocele, in that the herniated midgut did not return to the abdomen
    What is happening here in this ultrasound?


  5. Remove gut-derived bacteria from the bloodWhat supplies the hindgut?


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