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  1. Lower part of the head, uncinate process (lower left portion of head)
    Main duct (Wirsung)
  2. Splanchnic mesoderm (from lateral mesoderm) gives rise to muscularis, lamina propria, submucosa, vessels, connective tissue
  3. Midgut
  4. If anal membrane fails to break down, or if urorectal septum position is abnormal.
  5. From weeks six to 10-11.
  1. a
    Ventral bud of the pancreas gives rise to what structures of the pancreas?
  2. b What might give rise to an imperforate anus?
  3. c What portion of the gut only gives rise to gut (not other organs)?
  4. d How does the mesoderm contribute to the gut?
  5. e During what weeks is the midgut herniated into the umbilicus?

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  1. When does insulin secretion begin?
  2. Blood supply above pectinate line?
  3. What does the liver clear from the blood?
  4. When does the midgut undergo herniation?
  5. When does peristalsis begin?

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  1. OmphaloceleWhere in the gut does a Meckel's diverticulum occur?


  2. Pretty much right where the anal membrane was, i.e. where the junction was between endoderm and ectoderm.When does peristalsis begin?


  3. Pancreas. Produces HCO3-When does insulin secretion begin?


  4. Tourneaux and Rathke folds
    Tourneaux comes in from median, while Rathke come in from the sides.
    What folds are included in the urorectal septum?


  5. LiverWhat portion of the gut only gives rise to gut (not other organs)?