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  1. From weeks six to 10-11.
  2. Liver
  3. Vitelline duct
  4. Omphalocele, in that the herniated midgut did not return to the abdomen
  5. Microscopic view of the pectinate line. Area of irregular mucosal folding in anorectal canal.
  1. a What connects the primitive gut to the yolk sac?
  2. b
    What is this?
  3. c What is the major hematopoietic organ of the embryo?
  4. d During what weeks is the midgut herniated into the umbilicus?
  5. e
    What is happening here in this ultrasound?

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  1. What structures are derived from the allantois?
  2. How does the mesoderm contribute to the gut?

  3. What is the cloacal membrane?
  4. What happens if the omphalomesenteric (vitelline) duct persists?
  5. What happens in the case of volvulus?

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  1. Imperforate anus, due to either a failure of the anal membrane to break down, or if the urorectal septum position is abnormal.


  2. Patent urachus
    Urachal sinus
    Urachal cyst
    If the lumen of the median umbilical ligament fails to obliterate, what kind of structures can you have?


  3. SMA
    Small bowel, proximal colon

    What is the middle circle, and what does it supply?


  4. Urorectal septum, a wedge of mesoderm that will divide cloaca into rectum and bladderWhat will divide the cloaca into what?


  5. Neural crest cells
    Auerbach's plexus
    Meissner's plexus
    What gives rise to the enteric ganglia, and what are the enteric ganglia?


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