slavery in America and Social controls

Exam 1
Region in Africa that contained numerous stateless agricultural societies and made contact with both the Europeans and Muslims through slave trade.
Sierra Leone and Windward Coast
broad region yielded many slaves over the years
the gold coast
peoples exports were Ashanti, Ewe
Slave coast
kingdom of benin traded firearms for slaves and other goods
dozens of bantu speaking cultures, by eighteenth century single most important exporter of slaves
captains of ships
cruel and more interested inmaking profits, some stove for survival rates
the crew
ages 15-42 many expirienced prematur deaths often slaves shared rations with them
captains wanted survival threatened throw you overboard feed to sharks, daily exercise, women mistreated
the middle passage
12.4 million slaves exported but only 10.6 million survived middle passage, diseases in tropics, suicide, , The journey of slaves from Africa, across the Atlantic, to the West Indies or colonial America, so called because it was the middle portion of the triangular trade route. Many slaves did not survive the trip.
spanish colonies initially prescribed to notions of old christians and limpieza de sangre however kind no guarantee slaves would be treated right
took liberties when master not theri, most masters not live on plantation, expected to make a large crop while guarding welfare of slaves/20percent profits demanded from spanish colonies
The main purpose for instilling slave law included?
preserve order, maintain and develop wealth, coninue dependency on mother country
Code Noir
black codes, runaways branded cut off ear, foot or arm, codes to preserve order and maintain wealth
Asiento system
begins by a series of contracts, initially for 300 slaves for Cuba, later a new asiento fixes prices for slaves at 45 pesos but price was to high slaves sold to hispanola instead
After a long period of stagnation Spanish planters fled to?
Jamaca and arrived with their slaves to begin to grow tobacco, sugar, and coffee
real Cedula
adequate care was mandated based on reports that slaves were mistreated and poor nutirtion, leading to fugitives and revolts
Religious instruction
minimal requirement by law to baptize sent to mass on Sundays. Marriage recognized and a master required to purchase a slave if they came from another plantation
slave families
could not be seperated by sale, debt or any other reason
limited legal rights
for mistreatment by overseeres and masters
slaves could purchase freedom by saving 300 pesos otherwise the master at his discretion could free the slaves
Cabildos de nacion
only inurban centers these mutual aid societies were allowed to practice traditional tribal traditions under the auspices of the church membership open to slaves and freedman alike
Tannenbaum Thesis Emanipados
were forced to work in cuba for seven years and then often resold and forced to work another seven years
tannenbaum thesis Racism
led to an inherent sense of black superiority in Cuba and elsewhere,
Tannenbaum thesis
Spaniards treated slaves more humanely, but critique was that they were all treated bad, but because they were more tolerant about the music
Places where they convert the canes into sugar, sugar mills had a chapel and named after a saint
Conde de Casa Bayonas
ingenio most religious instruction stopped altogether
One reason to expand the British empire into the Americas was becasue of the ..?
annual stream of riches along the "spanish main"
What was another reason?
animousity caused by religious wars after protestant reformation, the ELIZABETHAN LEGACY sparked violence and conquest before a colonization in the Caribbean
Early notions of ____ _____ created the roots of future global markets and capitalism
Free Trade
Once the decision to use slaves in teh colonies was made the virulent racism of white over black is partially responsible for perceptions that latin America slavery was milder than Britain
Black over white
Barbados Law
19th century, Christianization and civilization were synonymous with education. This philosophy was designed to promote strict moral and religious. Instruction, with a view of reforming both inward man and his outward lifestyle
Did British colonies in the West Indies want slaves and colored to be educated
No illiterate and ignorant
Planters in British colonies do to a slave
maim and or kill a wayward slave
Could slaves marry in Britain Colonies
officially freeing slaves, was especially women was forbidden with high fines
Dutch west India company
formed expressly to promote and consolidate commerce in Americas
Waht were the laws and specific details? place setting
slaves step aside when encountering white on horseback, no deviant public behavior
could not poison whites, led to torture consisting of glowing pincers broken at the wheel and then buried alive
Prohibition and commerce
could not sell, trade, or wear anything of consequence
Portugese contact with Indegenous people create new race called
Patriarchal Polygamy
Gilberto Freyre -became history of every Brazillian, white man patriarch legitamte wife and children and non white mistress and children