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massage techniques, procedures for facials

10-15 minutes

how long is a facial massage during a facial?

weaken elastin fibers and break down elasticity

Too much pressure during facial massages can

Insertion to origin

the direction of a massage movement is often from the muscles

synchronized using equal pressure on both sides

During massage both left and right hand should be

face, neck, shoulders and decollete

Esthetician's massage services are limited to what areas of the body?

Effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration

Classic swedish massage movements


Light, continuous stroking movement applied with the fingers (digital) or the palms (palmar) in a slow, rhythmic manner.


most important of five movements, technique often used to begin and end most massage sessions


Effleurage used in conjunction with a massage technique from Japan in which points of stimulation are pressed to effect the circulation of fluids and ki(life force energy).


Picking up, wringing, kneading, open C/closed C, alternating thumb, squeezing, lifting, skin rolling (lifting tissue away from underlying structures) Used after effleurage with light but firm pressure and rhysthmic
stimulate sebum production
activate sluggish skin
Relieves congestion
Reduces swelling
Digestive disorders
Muscle shortening
Spastic paralysis

Stretches muscle fibers and stimulates muscle tone, broadens fibers
Breaks up adhesions
Increased circulation and waste elimination
Moves interstitial fluid
Slow-relaxes nervous system
Fast-stimulates NS
Increases glandular activity of skin
Increases peristalsis when done over abdomen
Affects proprioception

fleshier parts of face, shoulders, back and arms

petrissage is preformed on


Form of petrissage in which the tissue is grasped, gently lifted, and spread out; used mainly for massaging the arms.


Deep rubbing movement requiring pressure on the skin with the fingers or palm while moving them over an underlying structure. Stimulates circulation and glandular activity of the skin

face and neck

lighter circular friction movements are used on

scalp, arm and hands

circular friction movements are used on

Chucking, rolling and wringing

Variations of friction movements used mainly on arms and legs


Massage movement accomplished by grasping the flesh firmly in one hand and moving the hand up and down along the bone while the other hand keeps the arm or leg in a steady position.


A friction massage using rapid back-and-forth movement with the hands. The intention is to warm and relax the tissue. It encourages deep muscle relaxation.


Vigorous movement in which the hands, placed a little distance apart on both sides of the client's arm or leg and working downward, apply a twisting motion aganist the bones in the opposite direction.


most stimulating massage movement consisting of short, quick tapping, slapping and hacking movements also known as percussion

toning and is beneficial to sluggish skin

Tapotment is good for

piano movement

fingertips are brought down against the skin in rapid succession

slapping and hacking

what style of tapotment movements are used on back, shoulders and arms?


tapotment movement: light firm and rapid strokes. one hand follows the other, with each stroke lift flesh slightly


Chopping movement performed with the edges of the wrists and hands in massage. both wrists and fingers move in fast, light firm flexible motions against skin in alternate succession


In massage, the rapid shaking of the body part

technician uses body and shoulders with rapid muscular contractions in arms while fingertips are pressed firmly on the point of application

how are vibration movements accomplished?

A highly stimulating movement to be used sparingly and never more then a few seconds in any one spot

to what extent should vibration movements be used?


What movement is the most stimulating and should be applied carefully and with discretion?

Dr. Jacquet movement

beneficial for oily skin; it helps move sebum out of the follicles and up to the skins surface by kneading

Following the desincrustation step that prepares skin for extractions

When should the Dr. Jacquet movement be performed?

gather a small section of skin between thumb and forefinger and squeeze gently

How does one help to empty oil ducts?

downward in area of beard growth

In what direction are facial massages for male clients?


therapeutic technique of applying digital pressure in a specified way on designated points on the body to relieve pain, produce analgesia, or regulate a body function.

pressure point massage

on each acupressure point, movement is repeated 3 to 6 times, pause 3 to 6 seconds on each point


The controlled use of essential OILS, which happen to be highly fragranced for specific outcomes. Derived solely from plant matter. It is believed when essential oils are inhaled they can influence a person's well being. These compounds pass into the bloodstream, then into the nervous system, where they act upon the brain's limbic system. Phrase coined by french chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse after a chemical explosion burned his hand and he applied lavender oil. His hand healed so well a french surgeon Jean Valnet published The Practice of Aromatherapy in 1964. Margaret Maury championed the use with massage, and Micheline Arcier worked w/both Valnet & Maury to create the aromatherapy used today.


Superficial massage the is gentle and encourages drainage.
Mild stretching to skin
May take multiple sessions a week for 2-8 weeks.
1. gentle manual treatment
2. reroutes lymph flow around blocked vessels into centrally located healthy lymph vessels
4. areas closest to venous angles are treated first


similar to acupressure. Practioner applies pressure to points on the feet and hands to treat a wide range of stress-related illnesses. Very stimulating for the entire body

chin, decollete or forehead

where can massage begin?

3 to 6 time

how many times should massage movements be repeated

even tempo or rhythmic movement

promotes relaxation

feather off and replace with feather-like movements

should it be necessary to lift the hands from the clients face:

gently make contact on the side of the face or top of the head

how do you avoid startling the client when coming back to the face?

Towards the body in order to move blood flow toward the heart

In which direction should you massage extremities?


the most relaxing part of a facial, has many benefits

anatomy of the facial structure, nerves and muscles

appropriate massage movements are based on

continue clensing process, help remove dead surface cells, and stimulate skin to help increase blood circulation

main purpose of cleansing massage

cleansing massage

deep-penetrating creams should not be used in this massage

Downward motion

All massage movements on the side of the neck are done with a

Always slide gently upward in the center of the neck and circle out and then down on the sides

How is the neck massaged

high blood pressure, heart conditions, cancer, open lesions, acne, other disorders of the skin, rosacea, severe couperose conditions, erythema, sunburn, sensitive, deeply peeled skin, contagious diseases,

massage contraindications

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