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History Final

believing you are so fabulous and that you're so established.
social darwinism
taking idea of evolution and applying it to society, toughness of mind; all about conflict. conflict is good because it will separate the weak and the strong. survival of the fittest
actively prevent the inferior from procreating. survival of the fittest x5. populsr in europe and united states. sterilization, contraception, etc
sarajevo 1914
site of the assasination of archduke franz ferdinand. sparked WWI
central powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire
France, Britain, Russia, Italy
schlieffen plan
germans plan to open a new front on east and west. starts WW1 with france, then went to attack russia
sick man of europe
The phrase is used to describe economic poverty in a European country. This term was coined when the Ottoman Empire was in decline and increasingly began to lose territory to the Europeans through defeats in battle.
trench warfare
Fighting with trenches, mines, and barbed wire. Horrible living conditions, great slaughter, no gains, stalemate, used in WWI.
war of attrition
Trench warfare between Germany and France. Called War of Attrition(wearing down) because the goal was to break down the enemy. There was no winner after 3 years of fighting.
zimmerman telegram
german gov sends the german ambassador in mexico, asking mexico to join them. promised mexico to get some territory back from u.s. was intercepted by u.s. which led them to join the war.
peace of paris
1919. conference that remakes the map of europe. determined to punish germans.
treaty of versailles
Created by the leaders victorious allies Nations: France, Britain, US, and signed by Germany to help stop WWI. The treaty 1)stripped Germany of all Army, Navy, Airforce. 2) Germany had to rapair war damages(33 billion) 3) Germany had to acknowledge guilt for causing WWI 4) Germany could not manufacture any weapons.
weimar republic
new germany, a republic with a democracy
war reperations
money paid for war damages
war guilt
admitting to war damage and admitting they were the main aggressors
great depression
1929, stock market crash. everyone starts selling their stocks to pay debts, banks start calling in loans, banks go under.
third reich
looking to create a third empire to restore the greatness of germany
plight of common man working class. political movement. extreme nationalist group, believe they are superior to others.
German word for leader, used to describe Hitler in the Nazi Party.
plight of the common man. working class. power. believe they are superior
a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)
giving into demands to avoid war
reichstag fire
the Reichstag building was set on fire. Hitler blamed the communists. started the anti-communist belief. Nazis set out to kill all communists
nurenburg laws
1935, racial laws that strip jews of citizenship.
1938, government organized attack on jewish cities
reoccupation of rhineland
Germany renounced terms of the Locarno treaty. In 1936 Hitler sent 40 000 troops into the demilitarised zone of the Rhineland, claiming he needed to because of the French encirclement
The union of Austria with Germany, resulting from the occupation of Austria by the German army in 1938.
munich crisis
September 1938 Hitler demanded Sudetenland (part of Czechoslovakia) be annexed by Germany
germany, italy, japan
allies WW2
Great Britain, France, Soviet Union, U.S.
invasion of poland
Germany invaded, breaking their agreement, so Britain and France declared war, starting World War II
Hitler's expansionist theory based on a drive to acquire "living space" for the German people
fight a quick and surprising war
fortress europe
Nickname give to Hitler's Europe, he wanted Europe to be like a fortress
nazi-soviet pact
A secret agreement between the Germans and the Russians that said that they would not attack each other
battle of britain
Massive air strike by Hitler against Britain
Decisive battle in German invasion of Russia, the Germans were surrounded and systemically destroyed
Planned June 5th June 6 1944 Germans occupied Normandy France Germans though it would occur at Calais and goal was to liberate Paris
final solution
the Nazi program of exterminating Jews under Hitler
an act of great destruction and loss of life
a political system governed by a single individual
Led by Vladimir Lenin it was the Russian communist party that took over the Russian goverment during WWI
Proletariat, bourgeoisie
Karl Marx's definition of the poor, working class vs. the wealthy, controlling class.
bloody sunday
In Russia 1905 Russian soldiers inadvertently opened fire on demonstrators, turning them against the tsar. Possibly the start of the Revolution.
Russian Parliament
founded the Communist Party in Russia and set up the world's first Communist Party dictatorship. He led the October Revolution of 1917, in which the Communists seized power in Russia. He then ruled the country until his death
peace, land, bread
lenin's speech and promises to russia citizens