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Things Fall Apart Chs. 5-7 Q's


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Describe the Feast of the New Yam.
purpose is to give thanks to the ani and the acestors, annual, held right before the harvest. used to get rid of any old yams, wrestling match, formal washing of the utensils
ceremonial foods: yam fo fo and veggie soup
ex: tribal worldview of time
Who was Okonkwo's favorite child, and what did he often say about the child?
Ezinma (Ekwefi's daughter) he wishes she was a boy
What unacceptable thing did Okonkwo do right before the Feast of the New Yam?
he beat and shot Ekwefi adn it wsa unaceptable b/c it was a sacred time and it disturbed the harmony
Who was Chielo, and why was she important?
The oracle of the hills and the caves, priestess of Agbala, shows that spirits are in the hills and caves, and is a friend of Ekwefi
What sport did the villagers enjoy watching during their feasting?
What influence did Ikemefuna have on Nwoye?
He had a good influence and made him ambitious and made him a man
How did Okonkwo feel about Ikemefuma's influence on Nwoye?
He was pleased but didn't show it dramatically and invited then to eat with him and told stories about his land and told war stories
(Wang Lung comparison)
How did the villagers feel about the coming of the locusts, and what did they do about it?
They liked them and the caught, cooked, and ate them. They took them as delicacy and a good omin
(image that contrasts the G.E. and TFA)
What did the villagers decide to do with Ikemefuna?
The decide to kill him after 3 years and the oracle told to do go it after consulting
Who struck the last blow to Ikemefuna, and why?
Okonkwo b/c he wanted to show that he was still top dog and he was very hubri.
(similar to WL when getting Lotus)