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What is India's population?

it's the 2nd most populous country in the world

Who formerly (before) controlled India?

the British

What did the British use India's resources for?

to build their own wealth often at the expense of Indians

What system does India's culture have or has had?


What are the two biggest religions of India?

Hinduism & Islam

Name other religions of India

Buddhism, Christianity & many others

Gandhi was what kind of man?

a man of peace

How did Gandhi fight?

with non-violence

Why did Gandhi fight

to get rid of unjust laws

where was Gandhi born?


Where did Gandhi go to university?

In England

what type of degree did Gandhi get from university?


where did Gandhi practice law?

South Africa

When did Gandhi return to India

in his 40's

How did Gandhi feel when he returned to India?

Shocked at the living conditions of many people

what did Gandhi work for?

to get rid of British rule over Indians

an example of Gandhi's non-violent methods against unjust laws was?

the Salt March

What was the Salt March about?

British rulers put a tax on salt. Salt dries naturally on the beaches, but British rulers passed laws outlawing salt gathering from beaches so everyone was forced to buy salt and pay the tax.

When Britain left India the country was split into multiple countries because?

of religious hostility

the northwestern piece of India became what country?


Pakistan was made into what kind of state?


What is India's current religion?

there is no official religion but most people are Hindu

how was Gandhi assassinated?

he was shot in the stomach on his way to a prayer meeting

who assassinated Gandhi and why?

a Hindu who was angry that Gandhi treated Muslims with kindness

Gandhi is considered to be what?

the "Father of India"

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