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9.) In your opinion, which achievements of the Golden Ages of the Abbasids, Muslim Spain, the Tang, and the Song had the potential to most impressively transform human societies?

What was the House of Wisdom?

*translate Greek, Persian, & Indian scientific texts into Arabic, place where mathematical & scientific achievement occurred

What achievements did the Abbasids make in math & astronomy (3)?

*number system where number's value is determined by position of its digits = make possible for great achievements in mathematics
*invented algebra
*improved on astrolabe = can determine the positions of stars, the movements of the planets, & the time w/

What medical achievements did the Abbasids make (3)?

*discover origins of disease & the difference between smallpox & measles & diagnosed meningitis
*had advanced surgeries → carry out head & stomach operations w/ aid of anesthetics
*Ibn Sina's Canon of Medicine become standard medical textbook

What invention of the Abbasids help facilitated trade? What intellectual buildings did they build?

*sophisticated banking sys, which had checks = can cash in any kind of currency anywhere --> make foreign trade easier
*built libs & universities

What kind of technology did the Tang invent (2)?

*invent gunpowder
*block printing

What kind of technology was invented in the Song? Medical developments?

*magnetic compass
*movable type print
*spinning wheel (faster way to make thread)
*small pox vaccine

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