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In a network, a server is a computer that provides services to other computers called peers.
In a network, a server is a computer that provides services to other computers called peers.

False they are not called peers

Star, ring, and mesh are examples of network topologies.


When you send an e-mail message over a network, it is chopped up into packets.


The IP address assigned to your computer on the Internet is derived from your computer's MAC address.

False it is from the interet DS

Some network technologies use home telephone or electric cabling for computer networks.


The most popular type of wired network is Etherne


Network speeds are measured in megabytes and gigabytes.

false are measured in bits per second

Many wireless networks use radio waves to transmit data.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology used for WANs.

false for short distances only

A wireless infrastructure network uses a centralized broadcasting device, such as a wireless access point or router


Wireless networks are less secure than wired networks.


WEP, WPA, and PSK are examples of Wi-Fi networks.

false they are options for wireless encryptions

Public key encryption uses a public key to encrypt messages, but a private key is required to decrypt messages.
(Answer: True) (286)


Networks come in many sizes and use many different technologies, yet they all need to communicate with each other. What is the key to network intercommunication?

Network protocols

What type of network are you most likely to encounter in a school lab or small business setting?


How can computer networks be classified?

According to their geographic scope, mode, and/or physical topology

A(n) _____is any device that contains network circuitry that connects to a networ

networked peripheral

A(n) _____is any electronic device that broadcasts network data, boosts signals, or routes data to its destinatio

network device

A(n) _____stores files and supplies them to workstations on request.

file server

A(n) _____handles jobs sent to network printers.

print server

A(n) _____runs application software for network workstations.

application server

A(n) _____provides a pathway for signal transmissions.

communications channel or link

_____is the transmission capacity of a communications channel.


True/False: High-bandwidth communications systems are sometimes referred to as broadban


Suppose you're setting up a network in your home or apartment. You want all of the computers to access the cable modem that provides Internet access. What is the one additional component that you should purchase to tie the network together?


Today, most personal computers and LANequipment work with _____Ethernet.


True/False: Ethernet simultaneously broadcasts data packets to all network devices.


What does CSMA/CD stand for?

: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection)

True/False: A network switch is a sophisticated connection device that sends data only to the devices specified as the destination.


What type of network device ships data from one network to another?

network router

True/False: Using a hub instead of a switch can increase a network's performance and security.

false. the hubs are the endpoits of the network

Ethernet network cables are terminated at each end with plastic _____ connector


True/False: To prevent unauthorized changes to your network, it is essential that you change the router's password.


052300 When you're setting up a wireless network, you see an option asking if you want to broadcast the network SSID. You should:

Change the default SSID and broadcast it

What is another name for a Bluetooth network?


True/False: Bluetooth is typically used to connect a collection of workstation

false not powerful enough

True/False: Bluetooth networks form automatically when Bluetooth devices are within range of each other.


True/False: All wireless networks require a router.

false some can be cellular

A(n) _____is a wireless access point that also includes routing circuitry that can connect a Wi-Fi network to the Internet.

wireless router

True/False: Standard wireless routers offer the most flexibility for Internet access for a wireless networ


What is SSID

service set identifier; the name of a wireless network

There are many ways to share files among the computers on a network. Which one of the following is the LEAST secure way to share file

Activate file sharing for the root directory of all the computers in the network

Hardware, software, and data accessible to authorized network users are called

shared resources

Sharing networked hardware can reduce costs.


: LANs are more vulnerable than standalone computers to malicious code.


assigns a drive letter to a storage device located on a network workstatio

Drive mapping)

A(n) _____is a computer whose primary purpose is to be a repository for files that can be accessed by network workstations.

file server

True/False: You can limit access to viewing only in folders you've designated as shared.


True/False: You can monitor network activity through most computer operating systems.


True/False: You should not reboot your network.

false it is good to reboot it occasionally

Before you can send a print job to a shared printer attached to someone else's workstation, you have to make sure that the _____ is installed on your computer.

print driver

True/False: Print servers are available only for wired networks.

false they can be used on wired networks also

As part of the process of setting up a wired network, what should you remember to do?

enable wireless secuiry

_____is another name for LAN jacking

war driving

_____scrambles the data transmitted between wireless devices and then unscrambles the data only on devices that have a valid encryption key.

Wireless encryption

All devices on a network must use the same type of encryption.


A(n) _____is a procedure for encrypting or decryptinga message.

cryptographic algorithm)

_____ key encryption uses the same key to encrypt the message as to decrypt it.


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