phlebotomy chapter 7

MI stands for what
Myocardial Infarction
pulmonary circulation does what
carries blood between the heart and the lungs for gas exchange
systemic circulation does what
carries blood between the heart and the rest of the body
what are the 4 valves of the heart
right atrioventricular valve, pulmonary semilunar valve,left atrioventricular vave, andthe aortic semilunar valve
what are the 4 chambers of the heart
right atruim left atruim right ventricle and the left ventricle
what carries blood from the heart
what carries blood to the heart
an average adult has how much blood
5-6 liters
55% of the volume of blood consistutes of what
white blood cells are also called
white blood cells protect the body against what
veins and arteries are composed of how many layers
3 layers
platelets remain in the circulation for how many days
9-12 days
Helper T cells are needed to make
Lymph nodes are chambers located where
along lymphatic vessels
antigens are what
markers on the surface of foreign cells
serum is
plasma without its clotting factors
stroke consists of what
a loss of blood to the brain
albumin is
the most significant elements of plasma
the heart is surrounded by a thin membranous sac called
the pericarduim