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a comparison of 2 quantities using divison

rational number

A number that can be written as a/b where a and b are integers, but b is not equal to 0.


A transformation that "flips" a figure over a mirror or reflection line.

reapeating decimal

a decimal that has a pattern that repeats


a parallelogram with four equal sides


a transformation in which a figure turns around a point called the center of rotation

sales tax

an additional amount of money charged on items by governments to raise money


a part of the population


a ratio that compares the measurements of a drawing or model to the actual measurements

scale drawing

a porpotional 3D drawing of an object

scale factor

scale with out units

similar figures

figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size


ratio of change of y(the rise) to change in the x(the run) between any 2 points on a line


digit or digits on the left of a stem-and-leaf plot

stem-and-leaf plot

type of data display that uses the digits of data values to organize a set

surface area of a prism

sum of the areas of all the faces of the prism

terminating decimal

a decimal that ends and does not keep going

theoretical probablity

the ratio of a number of equaly likely outcomes in an event to the total number of possible outcomes


changing a figure into another figure


transformation in which a figure slides but does not turn. Every point of the figure moves the same direction and the same distance


a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides

unit rate

a rate with a denominator of 1


a symbol usually a letter that represents one or more numbers

variable term

a term that has a variable

vertex of a solid

a point where the edges of a solid meet

vertical face

angles opposite of each other when 2 lines intersect. NOT congruent


the measure of the amount a 3-dimensional figureoccupies


the horizontal number line in a coordinate plane


the first number in an ordered pair that tells the distance to move right or left


the vertical axis on a coordinate plane


the second number in an ordered pair that tells the distance to move up or down

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