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Biology study guide Evolution Part 1

2. What are the three things which are necessary for evolution to occur through natural selection according to Darwin and Wallace?
- The struggle for existence
- Variation and adaption
- Survival of the fittest
4. What is "fitness" according to a biologist and how does it relate to natural selection?
- A certain quality is becoming more dominant in the future generations
- It related because in natural selection people don't influence the fitness or what the animal is going to mate with
What is a gene pool?
consists of all the genes, including all the different alleles for the different genes that are present in the population
7. What is the difference between a single gene and a polygenic trait?
Single gene- a trait controlled by only one gene
Polygenic trait- more than one trait controlled by two or more genes
Directional Selection
form of natural selection in which individuals atone end of a distribution curve have higher fitness than individuals in the middle or at the other end of the curve
Stabilizing Selection
individuals near the center of distribution curve have higher fitness than individuals at either end of the curve
Disruptive Selection
individuals at the upper and lower ends of the curve have higher fitness than individuals near the middle of the curve