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  1. Business Strategy
  2. Middle Managers
  3. Time Management Skills
  4. Strategic Plans
  5. SWOT Analysis
  1. a Strategy at the business-unit or product-line level focusing on improving a firm's competitive position
  2. b Plan reflecting decisions about resource allocations, company priorities, and the steps needed to meet strategic goals
  3. c Identification and analysis or organizational strengths and weaknesses and environmental opportunities and threats as part of strategy formulation
  4. d The productive use that managers make of their time
  5. e Implement the strategies and work toward the goals set by top managers

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  1. The ability to define problems and to select the best course of action
  2. Developed by mid-level and lower-level mangers, set short-term targets for daily, weekly, or monthly performance
  3. Goal set for the very near future
  4. People's ability to think in the abstract, to diagnose and analyze different situations, and to see beyond the present situation
  5. Process of better understand a company's strengths and weaknesses

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  1. Human Resource MangersPlans and implements the marketing activities that result in the transfer of products from producer to consumer


  2. GoalsManagement process of guiding and motivating employees to meet an organization's objectives


  3. Marketing ManagersSupervise the work of employees


  4. Contingency PlanningSeeks to identify in advance important aspects of a business or its market that might change


  5. Mission StatementsStatement of how they will achieve their purposes in the environments in which they conduct their businesses


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