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  1. Top Managers
  2. First-Line Managers
  3. Functional Strategy
  4. Decision-Making Skills
  5. Corporate Culture
  1. a Strategy by which managers in specific areas decide how best to achieve corporate goals through productivity
  2. b Supervise the work of employees
  3. c The ability to define problems and to select the best course of action
  4. d Are responsible for a firm's overall performance and effectiveness
  5. e Shared experiences, stories, beliefs, and norms that characterize an organization

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  1. Plan and oversee its accounting functions and financial resources
  2. Creation of a broad program for defining and meeting an organization's goals
  3. Operate the systems used for getting, organizing, and distributing information
  4. Management process of determining what an organization needs to do and how best to get it done
  5. Strategy for determining a firm's overall attitude toward growth and the way it will manage its businesses or product lines

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  1. Organizational AnalysisDetermining the best way to arrange a business's resources and activities into a coherent structure


  2. ControllingProcess of monitoring a firm's performance to make sure that it is meeting its goals


  3. Long-Term GoalsGoal set for the very near future


  4. StrategyBroad set of organizational plans for implementing the decisions made for achieving organizational goals


  5. Crisis ManagementAn organization's methods for dealing with emergencies