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medieval period

the period from 500 to 1450 CE


the text and formal arrangement of a religious service

linear polyphony

polyphonic music conceived without an intention that the combined melody lines should form chordal or harmonic combinations


production of music by several voices or instruments at the same pitch, performed at the same octave or at different octaves

a cappella

unaccompanied group singing

plainsong, gregorian chant

music to which portions of the catholic service are sung. the texture is monophonic, the timbre is that of unaccompanied voices


a sustained or repeated tone

age of humanism

a period, characterized by a new optimism, that began in fourteenth-century italy and spread throughout western europe during the renaissance


a polyphonic composition in which all the voices perform the same melody, beginning at different times


a persistently (obstinately) repeated melodic or rhythmic pattern


roman catholic worship service

simone martini

artist. painting of the Annunciation


female composer


messe de notre dame. gloria.

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