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Impunity, n

Freedom from punishment or harm

Incidental, adj

Happening by chance or luck; accidental

Incisive, adj

Direct; clear-cut; right to the point

Inclusive, adj

Covering or including everything

Incontrovertible, adj

cannot be questioned or doubted

indefatigable, adj

having endless energy; tireless

indifferent, adj

impartial; unbiased; apathetic

indiscriminate, adj

without careful consideration; haphazard

indulgent, adj

giving in; yielding; lenient

inherent, adj

having a certain quality by nature; intrinsic

insidious, adj

gradually harmful; seductive

instigate, verb

to cause to act; urge; incite

insuperable, adj

incapable of being dominated or defeated

intangible, adj

not capable of being touched or perceived

integrity, n

solidness of construction or morality; honesty

interlocutor, n

someone who participates in a conversation

interminable, adj


methodical, adj

step-by-step; sequential; systematic

modicum, n

a very small amount

nascent, adj

recently born or created


noun, nun




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opt (L)



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