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  1. Swahili
  2. Hausa
  3. Jenne
  4. Sudanic states
  5. Intermittent
  1. a an Arabic-influenced Bantu language that is spoken widely in eastern and central Africa
  2. b Great mosque made of mud built here; major center for iron-working and trade; center for Islamic learning and scholarship
  3. c Kingdoms that developed during the height of Ghana's power in the region; based at Takrur on the Senegal River to the west and Gao on the Niger River to the east; included Mali and Songhay.
  4. d Peoples of northern Nigeria; formed states following the demise of Songhay empire that combined Muslim and pagan traditions.
  5. e stopping and starting at irregular intervals

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  1. The first West African kingdom based on the gold and salt trade, First known kingdom in sub-Saharan West Africa between the sixth and thirteenth centuries C.E.; rose to power by taxing gold and salt exchanged within its borders
  2. African societies organized around kinshp or other forms of obligation and lacking the concentration of political power and authority associated with states
  3. city-state on east African coast; fishing limited trade from 800-1000; turned to agriculture, increased trade in pottery and stoneware; major trading center by 14th century
  4. Kingdom located in Ethiopian highlands; replaced Meroe in first century CE; received strong influence from Arabian peninsula; eventually converted to Christianity; modern day Ethiopia
  5. ..., occurring in the same period of time

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  1. MaghribThe title for a ruler in West Africa.




  3. SahelBelt south of the Sahara where it transitions into savanna across central Africa. It means literally 'coastland' in Arabic; an exchange region between the forests to the south and north Africa.


  4. Mansa MusaThe title for a ruler in West Africa.


  5. King LalibelaEthiopian king who directed building project of 11 great churches sculpted from rock underground; promoted Christianity.