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  1. Matrilineal
  2. Ghana
  3. Mansa
  4. Prodigality
  5. Diviner
  1. a extravagant wastefulness; profuse generosity; extreme abundance; lavishness
  2. b a person who is believed to communicate with the spirit world and to help other people interact with their gods; witch-doctor soothsayer
  3. c The first West African kingdom based on the gold and salt trade, First known kingdom in sub-Saharan West Africa between the sixth and thirteenth centuries C.E.; rose to power by taxing gold and salt exchanged within its borders
  4. d relating to a social system in which family descent and inheritance rights are traced through the mother
  5. e The title for a ruler in West Africa.

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  1. Nigerian city-state form by the Edo people during the 14th century by Ewuare the Great; famous for its bronze art work
  2. converted to Islam, were fiercely independent desert and mountain dwellers, were the original inhabitants of North Africa, they accepted Islam as their faith, and many maintained their Berber identities and loyalties, there were two groups-the Almoravids and the Almohads that united the Maghrib under Muslim rule,
  3. Kingdoms that developed during the height of Ghana's power in the region; based at Takrur on the Senegal River to the west and Gao on the Niger River to the east; included Mali and Songhay.
  4. an Arabic-influenced Bantu language that is spoken widely in eastern and central Africa
  5. Collective name of a large group of sub-Saharan African languages and of the peoples speaking these languages.

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  1. Muhammad the Great(Askia Muhammad)City, now in ruins (in the modern African country of ____________), whose many stone structures were built between about 1250 and 1450, when it was a trading center and the capital of a large state.


  2. Ile-Ifethe holiest Yoruba city; created terra-cotta and bronze portrait heads that rank among the greatest achievements of African art


  3. JuulaPeoples of northern Nigeria; formed states following the demise of Songhay empire that combined Muslim and pagan traditions.


  4. Sahelan Arabic-influenced Bantu language that is spoken widely in eastern and central Africa


  5. GriotsA religious outlook that sees gods in many aspects of nature and propriates them to help control and explain nature. the belief that spirits are present in animals, plants, and other natural objects.