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  1. Sundiata
  2. Kongo
  3. Ifriqiya
  4. Swahili
  5. Axum
  1. a Centrally located - West Central Africa - consisted of a group of small kingdoms along the Zaire River; was a confederation of smaller states brought under the control of the king and divided into eight provinces.,
  2. b The Lion Prince; a member of the Keita clan; created a unified state that became the Mali Empire; died about 1260
  3. c an Arabic-influenced Bantu language that is spoken widely in eastern and central Africa
  4. d Kingdom located in Ethiopian highlands; replaced Meroe in first century CE; received strong influence from Arabian peninsula; eventually converted to Christianity; modern day Ethiopia
  5. e The Arabic term for eastern north Africa; the term used by the Romans for Africa.

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  1. Collective name of a large group of sub-Saharan African languages and of the peoples speaking these languages.
  2. inequality; difference
  3. city-state on east African coast; fishing limited trade from 800-1000; turned to agriculture, increased trade in pottery and stoneware; major trading center by 14th century
  4. stopping and starting at irregular intervals
  5. located between Senegal and Niger rivers; created by Malinke people who broke away from Ghana in 13th century; First leader Sundiata; Mansa Musa great leader ruled 25 years, made epic hajj to Mecca; controlled gold-salt trade; built great mosque at Jenne; Timbuktu Islamic center of learning; 13th-15th centuries

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  1. DivinerNigerian city-state form by the Edo people during the 14th century by Ewuare the Great; famous for its bronze art work


  2. Stateless societyAfrican societies organized around kinshp or other forms of obligation and lacking the concentration of political power and authority associated with states


  3. Songhaysuccessor state to Mali; dominated middle reaches of Niger valley; formed as independent kingdom under a Berber dynasty; capital at Gao; reached imperial status under Sunni Ali; 15th - 16th centuries


  4. Sub-saharanthe region of Africa under or south of the Sahara Desert


  5. Sudanic statesLeader(1464- 1492) of Songhai that drove out the Berbers and built the largest empire in West Africa; tactical commander and ruthless leader who seized trading cities of Timbuktu and Jenne