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  1. Sahel
  2. Stateless society
  3. Intermittent
  4. Mansa
  5. Kongo
  1. a Belt south of the Sahara where it transitions into savanna across central Africa. It means literally 'coastland' in Arabic; an exchange region between the forests to the south and north Africa.
  2. b The title for a ruler in West Africa.
  3. c stopping and starting at irregular intervals
  4. d African societies organized around kinshp or other forms of obligation and lacking the concentration of political power and authority associated with states
  5. e Centrally located - West Central Africa - consisted of a group of small kingdoms along the Zaire River; was a confederation of smaller states brought under the control of the king and divided into eight provinces.,

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  1. ..., occurring in the same period of time
  2. Collective name of a large group of sub-Saharan African languages and of the peoples speaking these languages.
  3. The Lion Prince; a member of the Keita clan; created a unified state that became the Mali Empire; died about 1260
  4. Nigerian city-state form by the Edo people during the 14th century by Ewuare the Great; famous for its bronze art work
  5. Islamic law; defined among other things the patrilineal nature of Islamic inheritance; the system of law that regulates family life, moral conduct and the business and community life of Muslims

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  1. YorubaKingdon of city-states developed in northern Nigeria c. 1200 C.E.; Ile-Ife featured artistic style probably related to earlier Nok culture; agricultural societies supported by peasantry and dominated by ruling family and aristocracy.


  2. Mansa Musagreatest Mali king; brought Mali to its peak of power and wealth from 1312 the 1337; expanded borders, maintained peace and order, religious freedom and tolerance; hajj to Mecca; built Timbuktu


  3. Great ZimbabwePort city of Mali; located just off the flood plain on the great bend in the Niger River; population of 50,000; contained a library and university.


  4. KilwaPeoples of northern Nigeria; formed states following the demise of Songhay empire that combined Muslim and pagan traditions.


  5. Malilocated between Senegal and Niger rivers; created by Malinke people who broke away from Ghana in 13th century; First leader Sundiata; Mansa Musa great leader ruled 25 years, made epic hajj to Mecca; controlled gold-salt trade; built great mosque at Jenne; Timbuktu Islamic center of learning; 13th-15th centuries