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  1. Juula
  2. Sharia
  3. Kongo
  4. Nubia
  5. Intermittent
  1. a Malinke merchants; formed small partnerships to carry out trade throughout Mali empire; eventually spread throughout much of West Africa
  2. b Islamic law; defined among other things the patrilineal nature of Islamic inheritance; the system of law that regulates family life, moral conduct and the business and community life of Muslims
  3. c stopping and starting at irregular intervals
  4. d The Coptic (Christians of Egypt) influence spread up the Nile into__________________(the ancient land of Kush). Muslims attempted to penetrate_________and met stiff resistance in the 9th century (left Christian descendants of ancient Kush - left as independent Christian kingdom until 13th century).
  5. e Centrally located - West Central Africa - consisted of a group of small kingdoms along the Zaire River; was a confederation of smaller states brought under the control of the king and divided into eight provinces.,

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  1. Arab traveler who described African societies and cultures in his travel records
  2. Leader(1464- 1492) of Songhai that drove out the Berbers and built the largest empire in West Africa; tactical commander and ruthless leader who seized trading cities of Timbuktu and Jenne
  3. Arabic term for the east African coast
  4. The title for a ruler in West Africa.
  5. Great mosque made of mud built here; major center for iron-working and trade; center for Islamic learning and scholarship

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  1. Mwene Mutapathe king of Great Zimbabwe in the late 15th and 16th centuries when the kingdom experienced a period of rapid expansion


  2. Berbersconverted to Islam, were fiercely independent desert and mountain dwellers, were the original inhabitants of North Africa, they accepted Islam as their faith, and many maintained their Berber identities and loyalties, there were two groups-the Almoravids and the Almohads that united the Maghrib under Muslim rule,


  3. AnimismA religious outlook that sees gods in many aspects of nature and propriates them to help control and explain nature. the belief that spirits are present in animals, plants, and other natural objects.


  4. Mansa MusaThe title for a ruler in West Africa.


  5. AlmoravidsA reformist movement among the Islamic Berbers of northern Africa; later than the Almoravids; penetrated into sub-Sahara Africa.