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  1. Ifriqiya
  2. Sundiata
  3. Contemporaneous
  4. Timbuktu
  5. Maghrib
  1. a the Arabic word for western North Africa; a region of western North Africa, consisting of the Mediterranean coastlands of what is now Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria
  2. b The Lion Prince; a member of the Keita clan; created a unified state that became the Mali Empire; died about 1260
  3. c The Arabic term for eastern north Africa; the term used by the Romans for Africa.
  4. d ..., occurring in the same period of time
  5. e Port city of Mali; located just off the flood plain on the great bend in the Niger River; population of 50,000; contained a library and university.

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  1. The Coptic (Christians of Egypt) influence spread up the Nile into__________________(the ancient land of Kush). Muslims attempted to penetrate_________and met stiff resistance in the 9th century (left Christian descendants of ancient Kush - left as independent Christian kingdom until 13th century).
  2. Ethiopian king and monarch of Zagwe dynasty who directed a remarkable building project in which 11 great churches were sculpted from rock into the ground
  3. A puritanical reformist movement among the Islamic Berber tribes of northern Africa; controlled gold trade across Sahara; conquered Ghana in 1076; moved southward against African kingdom of the savanna and westward into Spain.
  4. Professional oral historians who served as keepers of traditions and advisors to kings within the Mali Empire
  5. A reformist movement among the Islamic Berbers of northern Africa; later than the Almoravids; penetrated into sub-Sahara Africa.

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  1. DivinerNigerian city-state form by the Edo people during the 14th century by Ewuare the Great; famous for its bronze art work


  2. MatrilinealThe people who broke away from Ghana control and founded Mali in the 13th century


  3. King LalibelaArab traveler who described African societies and cultures in his travel records


  4. Swahilian Arabic-influenced Bantu language that is spoken widely in eastern and central Africa


  5. Muhammad the Great(Askia Muhammad)greatest Mali king; brought Mali to its peak of power and wealth from 1312 the 1337; expanded borders, maintained peace and order, religious freedom and tolerance; hajj to Mecca; built Timbuktu


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