25 terms

Hurlburt Chapter 7

filial piety
practice that requires children to respect their parents and older relatives
taught that if each person does his or her duty, society as a whole will do well.
Oracle Bones
first examples of written Chinese language
Shang Dynasty
ruled over the Huang He valley
Huang He valley
site of the first Chinese civilizations
he thought that humans were naturally evil
taught that people needed harsh laws and punishment to make them live rightly
a cold, rocky desert east of the Kunlun Shan and Tian Shan Mountains
Silk Road
a network of trade routes that extended from China to southwest Asia
Great Wall
Quin built and extended it to keep out the Xiongnu
founder of Daoism
taught that people need a strong ruler to maintain order
military leaders with their own armies
Mandate of Heaven
the Zhou dynasty claimed this principle gave them the right to vote
Chinese invention
head of Chinese family
oldest man
1/10 of China's land
good for farming
the Period of Warring States
this was the period of violence that made people look for ways to restore order
silk, tea and spices
were sent out of China by the Silk Road
overthrow him
If the king brought bad fortune on the people
the first captital city made by the Shang
an example of Chinese medicine
tenant farmers
could pay their rent by giving the landlord a portion of their crops
offerings of food
ancient Chinese believed their gods needed this to keep them happy
chinese inventions
saddle and stirrups