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The overall study of man and what it means to be a human person.


Every action before, during, or after sexual intercourse that deluberately attempts to impede the precreative potential.

Faithful love

Love that is committed. That commitment guides all other actions.

Fruitful love

Love that is life giving, becuase it is free, total, and faithful. It is open to procreation in the physical realm.

Homosexual acts

Actions of genital stimulation with a person of the sam sex.


The attraction that a man or woman has to a member of the same sex.

Humanae Vitae

Pope Paul VI's 1968 encyclical on humane life. It's most famous for its clare and definitive teaching on why contraception is immoral and sinful.

In persona Christi

A latin phrase meaning 'in the person of Christ'; describes the identity and actions of a priest.

Mary's Fiat

The blessed virgin mary's 'yes' to the lord, which demonstrated her faithful obedience to God's will.


The 'deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive sexual pleasure.'

Natural law

The law or purpose that God has 'written' naturally into the hearts, minds, and bodies of men and women.

One flesh union

The loving embrace of a married couple through sexual intercourse, in which they become 'one flesh.'

Total love

Love without strings attached that holds nothing back. In total love, you make a gift of yourself to another--total self donation.

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