Lorenzo Ghiberti, North baptistery doors, 1403, Florence
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Fede Galizia, Portrait of Paolo Morigia, 1596, MilanBronzino, 1550, London's AllegoryCaravaggio, crucifixion of St. Peter, 1600, chigi chapelMichelangelo, St. cosma virgin St. damien, New Sacristy, 1525, florenceMichelangelo, night and day, tomb of julian medici, new sacristy, 1525, florenceMichelangelo, dusk and dawn, tomb of lawrence medici, new sacristy, 1525, florencePontormo, deposition from the cross, 1528, st. happiness churchDonatello, bust of a youth, 1440, Bargello, Florence (could not find correct pic but its just a bust of a young boy with curly hair)Sebastiano, Ovid's story, 1515, Loggia del galatea (could not find correct picture but its a guy with a sword pointing at two girls and painted in an arch)Raphael, Galatea, 1515, Chigi VillaRaphael, psyche, 1515, chigi villaPeruzzi, perspective room, 1515, chigi villaSodoma, Marriage of Alexander, 1515, Chigi villaMichelangelo, Conservators palace, 1536, Capitaline hill RomeMichelangelo, senators palace, 1536, Capitaline hill, romeMichelangelo, New palace, 1536, Capitaline hill, Rome (its the one on the left)Titian, Venus Blindfolding love, 1565, Borghese gallery, rome (couldn't find the picture but is venus who is blinding cupid)Botticelli, 7 ladies, 1470, Uffizi, Florence (couldn't find pic but its 7 ladies in portraits)Raphael, Chigi Chapel, 1520, Piazza de Popolo, RomeMichelangelo, David-Apollo, 1540, Bargello, FlorenceRomano, Crowning of the virgin, 1505-1525, Vatican Museum (couldn't find picture but its composition is similar to polo oddi but its crowning mary)Giotto, Miracle, 1320, AssisiPerugio, Madonna and Child, 1495, Vatican Museum (could not find picture but its the box shaped one we did for the vatican assignment)

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