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30 terms

Comparative Religions

3 heavenly realms
Celestial, terrestrial, telestial
Celestial marriage
Marriage of devout couples, married forever, only under President's authority
Where God is, according to Mormons
Indian burial grounds
Hill in New York where Joseph Smith found the Golden Plates
The name referring to God (used by Mormons)
Name for Old Testament that Mormons say refers to Jesus before he was born into the world as a human
Ann Lee
Shaker woman who influenced Joseph Smith in his youth
Baptism for Mormons
At age 8,-------- for Mormons is by immersion and laying on of hands
Sacrament for any baptized members, uses bread and water
Angle who spoke to Joseph Smith on the hill of Camorah
Good people who lived in early America
5 sources of authority for Mormons
Bible, Book of Mormons, Doctrine of Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, revelation through the prophets
Vicarious baptism
Baptism for the dead
Palmyra, New York
City where Moroni gave Joseph Smith the Golden Plates
Salt Lake City Utah
Headquarters for Mormons
Church background of Joseph Smith
Brigham Young
Mormon leader who led the people to the Great Salt Lake in Utah
The bad guys according to the Mormons
Mormon practice of having multiple wives
Donnie and Marie OsmondFamous
Famous entertainers who are Mormons
Reorganized Church of the Latter Day Saints
Offshoot of the original Mormon church
Community of Christ
New name of Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Nauvoo, IL
Where new Mormon temple is bing built
Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Famous singing group that has made Mormons well-known
"for Mormons it is the ------------, not God with which a believer has a relationship."
Independence, MO
Where the headquarters of the Mormon church is located
Issue which divided church in the 19th century (kept people from going west)
Rocky and Helen Hulse run a ministry denouncing the Mormon church as ---------
Palmyra, New York
Where Joseph Smith founded the LDS church